Monday, August 12, 2013



Vacation is over. Womp-womp. To be honest it is 8:21 pm and I am totally loopy. We took a redeye with 2 layovers back from Portland which meant not going to bed until 10 am. Blah.

I took a disgusting amount of pictures, and posted a ridiculous amount of them on Instagram- but don't worry, I won't repeat them all here!

Here are a few highlights from the first leg of our trip in Portland, Oregon:
 1. Stereotypical flight picture. But I mean, gorgeous!
2. We got into town around 1 in the afternoon and got a mini-tour of downtown from our friend Elliott, including food trucks & pioneer square.
3. The next morning Michael and I explored alone a little, grabbing Stumptown coffee (sooo good).
4. We stood in line for VooDoo donuts for a while...but after realizing the line was wrapping around the block and had about 60 people in it, we decided to skip out. I just don't like donuts that much. Meh.
 5. I am 25 and play with my food. Including taffy from Rocket Fizz.
6. Just a little #ootd.
7. We stopped next at the International Rose Test Garden. Flower heaven.
8. On our way to the garden some kids were selling SnoCones...I mean, GENIUS. Bet they make a killing. 
(M is on the left of course, and our Portland hosts Scott & Elliott are next to him)
9&10: What better way to see the city than up in a gondola in the sky? Even scared-of-heights-Michael enjoyed it!
11&12: One of our hosts is Michael's childhood friend, and happens to be all super cool and runs for Nike. He was nice enough to let us geek out a bit and tour the Nike World Headquarters- the place is gi-gan-tic. So note to anyone travelling to Portland: make sure you have an athletic friend so you can see this place!

Alright. Picture overload.
What did I miss this last week, friends?
Tell me something good.

xo, lp


  1. I love taffy–I'm dying to know what flavors those all are!

    1. me too! totally bought it 3 diff times on the trip. im such a kid. the best of the flavors above were cotton candy, blueberry muffin, key lime,passionfruit, and tropical punch. YUM.

  2. Looks like tons of fun!


  3. Now that we live in NorCal, Portland is a really short, cheap flight away, we've been dying to go. I can not wait to have all your updates so we can plan a little getaway. How long were you guys there? (and, if you'll let me jump the gun: what was the BEST part? anything you wish you would have skipped?)

    1. 1. jealous it's a cheap is so NOT from wisconsin. yuck.
      2. we were in portland 5 ish days and washington 3 days
      3. if you want i can email you with the FULL downlow (since i'm guessing not everyone here cares 100%...)
      4. Best? Oh geez. Probably just walking around downtown popping into quirky stores (23rd street & city center), Nike Campus, and Flicks on the Bricks (pioneer square)
      5: Skip? Probably the rose garden. I mean, free, so that's cool...but it was so hot the day we went it was just kind of full of beeees.

      email me if you want more deets lady!!

    2. omg, how did I JUST find this reply to my comment? Jeez, I suck Laura! Ok, so, 2 years later... what do you remember? :P

  4. Looks like you guys had a great time in my city! Don't feel bad about missing out on Voodoo Donuts, they're really not that great and definitely not worth waiting in line forever! xoxo


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