Thursday, August 15, 2013


So as you saw Monday, the first leg of our trip in Portland was success!

We headed off to Washington next...
1. We stopped in Olympia first to check out the State Capitol Building. Nothin' compared to Wisconsin's cap building...but I'm pretty biased.
2-4 Turns out Sea Fair was going on in Seattle which meant every hotel on earth was booked, so we ended up staying in Tacoma. I'm glad we did too, because while searching for a hotel we got to see a lot of awesome things around town! We explored the waterfront & the Tacoma Glass Museum, and had a great date night at Dirty Oscar's Annex. Diner's Driveins and Dives was right- it was delicious!

5. The next morning REALLY early we headed downtown Seattle. First stop? The Original Starbucks! 
6. We spent a ton of time walking around Pike Place and watching the guys throw fish around. I wish we lived in Seattle and had access to that amazing market daily!
7. The Post Alley Gum Wall- we just had to do it. We just HAD to.
8. Rock Bottom Brewery beer tasting. Totally sucked. Don't go there. For realz.
9. Fremont Troll- you just have to Google it, such a crazy cool "statue".
10. Oh come on, you didn't really think we wouldn't do the Space Needle, did you??
11-12. After one of our days in Seattle we headed to Woodinville, WA to do a little wine tasting and brewery touring. Chateau Ste Michelle had great wine- but the chick serving us clearly thought that because we are young we didn't know wine and pretty much ignored us. Major bummer. To forget her, we went to Red Hook Brewery where we had the most fantastic tour guide. The beer was DELICIOUS, we learned a ton, and we ate&drank at their brewpub afterwards. I may have gotten tipsy. Oops. Sorry Michael!
13&14. The next morning we headed to Gig Harbor, WA- cute little sea town on the Puget Sound. I bought even more taffy and we checked out yet another brewery (seeing a theme?). By far best beer of the trip.
15-16.  Finally, we spent our last day in Washington visiting Mt. Rainier. Holy shit it's gorgeous up there. The trees, the waterfalls, the mountain- completely stunning. I now see why crappy scent companies try to create the smell "mountain air". Ahhhhh.
17. Our car for the trip? A Chevy Spark. Aka the clown car. Aka the worst car ever.
18. Just kind of a pretty drive back to Portland... these PNW states love their bridges, I tell ya.

So that's the second leg! We packed a ton of stuff in, and Washington was a stunning state...I already want to go back!

Have you ever been to Washington? What was your favorite part?
If you're planning a trip please email me, I'd love to give more details!

xo, lp


  1. I've alwayssssss wanted to go to the Pike Place market. It sounds like an amazing trip so far!

  2. Wow, looks like you had a great time! These photos are beautiful. I just moved to Portland, so I'll definitely have to check out your Portland post!! xoxo

    1. We did have a great time, thanks for the compliments lady! So jealous you moved to Portland, it is an amazing town!

  3. Bummer about the Chateau Ste Michelle winery :( I have 4 bottles of their Riesling in my wine rack. It's a personal fave! Otherwise it sounds like a great trip!

    1. yeah the wine is definitely delicious- we keep joking we'll boycott them now...but we probably won't ;)

  4. Looks like a fun-filled (and beautiful!) trip! Glad you had fun... I've never been - definitely would love to go though ;) Hope you have a good weekend ahead!


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