Monday, December 30, 2013

full of cheer.

aaaaaaaand i'm back. 

after our tour-de-minnesota to see our families last week, we are fully settled back into snowy wisconsin. 
hope you all had a great and safe time with your loved ones!

winter had fully hit minnesota when we got there. driving through the snow-covered valley to michael's aunt's house was completely gorgeous. a little scary...but gorgeous.

i was lucky enough to be gifted a pair of loren hope earrings for christmas. i posted this little shot on instagram which she happened to #regram - which was another christmas gift in itself :)

i don't know if i've ever shared this with all of you, but i am a total calendar hoarder. i love calendars and planners. type-a, much? i am in love with my 2014 gold embossed desk calendar from paper source in portland. so gorgeous!

sorry for all who witnessed my insta-rant yesterday about the chick who was complaining about thank-you notes. but seriously. in other news, how gorgeous are these mara-mi cards i bought to send out??

what was something lovely about your christmas?
don't forget to send out your thank you notes!


 i love instagram. i bet you do to. let's be friends! --> @lpodlich


  1. I had to stop myself from buying a dozen calendars this year. Just my trusty day planner and kitchen refrigerator calendar this year.

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