Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Here's the deal:
Everyone has those friends that you're not quite sure what to buy for them- because they have a great job and buy everything they need.
Most people also has those office Secret Santas that you're not quite sure what to buy for them- because they don't really share their likes other than post-it note color preference.

So, insert this DIY Holiday gift. 
Cost: Under $2. Insanely easy. Personalizeable. 
I give you: DIY Gold Jewelry Dishes!

Step 1: Find yourself some cheap ceramic trays! I found mine for $1 in the Target Dollar Spot- but I know Michael's has some options too!

Step 2: Do what's best for them- Spray them gold! It took me 3 light coats of this Krylon to get the look I was going for- but the shine is perfect!

Step 3: Paint it! I used basic black acrylic paint for this- making a polka dotted one, and a monogram one! For the monogram, simple stick on some vinyl or thin stickers, paint over them, wait to dry, and then peel them off! 

Step 4: Seal with Mod Podge, and gift away! 

Clearly you could paint these any colors, and personalize however you know the person would like... oh, and for under $2, you could make one of these for everyone on your list!

What is one of your cheap, go-to holiday gifts?
For more holiday inspiration, go here!

xo, lp


  1. Love this idea! Thanks for sharing. I went to pick up some spray paint at Michael's the other day and was shocked to find all of their spray paints were locked up and you needed a store associate to get them for you. When did that happen?

    1. I know! some stores in my area have that too. totally ridiculous!

  2. LOVE THIS! So simply and pretty–and if someone doesn't like gold (um, WHO ARE YOU?!), then you can customize it to match their taste. Genius!

  3. This is great! I have some spray paint left over from another project, I'm totally going to try this.

  4. This is so pretty! I just pinned it to my crafting board in case I get motivated to do some DIY stuff soon. :)
    The Grass Skirt

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