Monday, December 16, 2013


Hi friends!
I'm back in the Midwest, and thus, back on the blog. For the last 5 days we've been visiting my parents in sunny Florida, and are kind of in denial about being back in the snow. When we left Wisconsin it was 5 degrees and snowing. When we got to Florida it was about 75 degrees and sunny.
Nothing like a 70 degree climate change to make you happy, let me tell you. 
Our time in Florida was well spent exploring the beach, visiting historical sites in St.Augustine, shell searching, beach bar hopping, and taking an obscene amount of photos:
Clearly I took a ton more, but I didn't want to overload you lovlies in case you already follow me on Instagram- or hate me for getting to see the sun for 5 days. Our place was right on the ocean, 5th floor looking over the sand. Not too shabby, right? One of my favorite parts of the trip (other than just walking along the beach) was beach bar hopping with Michael one night. There were tons of restaurants/bars within walking distance of our place, so we just went to one-had a drink-and walked to another! Rough life, I tell you.
One of the strangest things about being in Florida in December is that all the Christmas parades and celebrations go on...but it feels NOTHING like the holiday season. Christmas lights on palm trees...snowmen made out of sand...trees tied to the tops of open air strange!

On another note: I LOVE announcing giveaway winners!!!
The winner of the $50 UncommonGoods giveaway is Fran Hasselhof! I was giddy when I saw Fran won, as she is a former Wisconsin girl herself! She lives in PA now- and you should follow her lovely fashion blog- Franish.  Congrats, Fran!

WAIT! You're sad you didn't win and want some presents for yourself? There's still time to enter the Favorite Things giveaway! A handful of awesome prizes (plus a few surprises not included in the image) could be all yours! Enter now!

Tomorrow I'll be sharing a drink that doesn't SEEM like it's appropriate for the season since it's a sangria- but I promise once you see the ingredients I'll be able to convince you otherwise!

This week I'll be a busy bee making Christmas candies like my caramels, peppermint bark, and more! 
What are you doing to get ready for Christmas?
Sand snowmen, anyone?

xo, lp

**let's be Instagram friends, shall we? find me here:@lpodlich


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