Monday, February 24, 2014

BIRTHENTINES (less gross than it sounds)

Well crap it's been a long time, hasn't it?
I decided that turning 26 warranted a full week of being lazy and not blogging- sorry!

I'm back, I'm back- and this week I promise a new recipe, a favorite new shop, and more fun & games & such.

Let's rewind a second, shall we?
Here's what's been good lately:

1. I'd pretend I'm surprised that it's still sweater weather- but who am I kidding?  It'll still be sweater weather in Wisconsin until APRIL. This ridiculously cheap white waffle sweater gets worn more often than I care to admit lately. Perfectly cozy in 20 degree weather.

2. My birthday at work was fabulous. I came in on Friday the 14th to an early b-day celebration...or rather... a Birthentine's celebration. Clever, those coworkers of mine. So much food. So. Much. Food.

 3. There was one day last week that got up to 40 degrees and people around here were FREAKING out. Anyone who lives in the Midwest gets what I'm saying. I figured this is as summery as it's going to get for a few months, so I went nautical. Hey- no judging- it's whatever gets you through the winter around here. (shirt from Old Navy, anchors from F21, clear & cobalt from 9th &Elm)

4. Saturday morning was so calm. Michael was at work, which meant time for tea, clementines, and Pablo. I'm not a huge poetry person, but when I lived in Peru I did a loooooooong paper on some of these poems, and I feel like I can recite them in my sleep. This edition is in Spanish and if you're looking for some bilingual sweetness, you can grab it here.

5. I can't believe I've been doing these #dottyoptimisms for 20 weeks now.  Last week's was one of my favorite to date, and one I needed to remind myself of sometimes. It's sooo easy to get caught up in worrying about being the best over others, when we should be focusing on being the best version of ourselves. AmIRight? (for more dotty optimisms, go here!)

6. I know I haven't posted a recipe in a while- but tomorrow I'll have a new one for ya! It involved cream cheese, so you know it's gonna be good.

What's been good for you lately, friends?
Anyone have a romantic Valentine's day story to share? C'mon...brag away!

xo, lp

*let's be instagram friends, eh? find me here: @lpodlich

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  1. Um, you have the best hair. I'm eternally jealous.

  2. I love Pablo Neruda! I received a collection of all of his poems as my graduation present a few years ago, and it still holds a strong place in my heart.

    1. glad i'm not the only one who has a love for Pablo ;)

  3. How did you curl your hair in that first picture? its so beautiful


    1. Hi! You can find out how here- i posted a tutorial!

      Thanks! xo, LP

  4. Hello! May I ask where you got your necklace in the first picture? Not the monogram one but the chunky jewel one. I absolutely love it and have been trying to keep my eye open for one!

    1. Hello! It's from JCrew Factory- currently on sale for 50% off! Here's where you can get it:

      Hope it works for you! :)



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