Monday, February 3, 2014


Happy Monday, loves!
Hope you all had a perfectly fantastic weekend! 
Michael and I ventured back to my hometown for the annual huge tree bonfire on the ice- and it was a spectacular again this year for sure. 
Here's what the weekend looked like:

1. Tights+leggings+jeans+2 pairs of socks+duck boots= a successful walk on the lake. I felt like a giant marshmallow the whole weekend- but I stayed warm, so at least I got that right:
 2. Here's the annual "before" shot of the bonfire pile out of the lake (with a ton of ice fisherman in the background). It doesn't seem huge..but M is over 6 feet tall...and it's more than double his height!
3. And of course, the after shots: 
yes, this is what 300+ christmas trees look like going up in flames! Huge turnout this year-hundreds of people- and a lot of fun to be had! More images on my instagram HERE
 4. IT'S FEBRUARY! BIRTHDAY MOOOONNNTHH!!!! I am so jazzed. February means my birthday, Michael's birthday, my dad's birthday, and the birthdays of a few favorite friends. I was so excited I hung up my Feb Printstagram calendar a week or so early:
5. Wait, you haven't entered the giveaway yet? What! This gorgeous, HUGE print is worth $85! No cost to enter- just a few clicks and you're in! Enter HERE

I can definitely say that this year was the first year I have cared ZERO percent about watching the Super Bowl. Bruno Mars was pretty fab though- excellent job, mah man.

What great things did you do this weekend?
I hope entering the giveaway was one of them!

xo, lp

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  1. I LOVE that you all have this bonfire:) It looks like so much fun!! I had no idea Prinstagram had a calendar sorta thing. How cool!?! Happy Birthday month to you!!

  2. What a cool tradition–I've never seen anything like that but I LOVE bonfires. So fun!

  3. WOW! That bonfire is serious business! Looks like a lot of fun. Oh and my birthday is this month too! Happy birthday month!!! :)


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