Thursday, February 27, 2014

layering etiquette (a 9th & Elm love story)

I'm here today to talk layering. No- not in terms of clothing- which I am an expert at from living in the Midwest thankyouverymuch- but in terms of jewelry- a little bit more fun, no?

I remember in high school the jewelry rule was "before you leave the house, take one item off".  It was the days where we all wanted to be Jennifer Aniston- with dewy makeup & sleek straight hair. 
These days it seems like the trend is the exact opposite. Crack open any J.Crew catalog and it's a bunch of pale thin ladies yelling LAYER UP! Baubles on baubles on baubles.

While I'm not totally opposed to this-- I'm more of a fan of layering simple necklaces over the big sparklers. I've been searching for the perfect gold monogram necklace for a while, and this one from 9th & Elm is just mah jam. Delicate, ladylike, and easy to layer. Proof I love it, via Instagram:
 WAIT! STOP! I know you're going to say- "Laura- a lot of places offer gold monogram necklaces. SNOOZE". Well calm yourself. I know that. How many of those places offer said necklaces for only $40 and ship them in a week? I ordered this one and got it a week later. Yeah. Most places (not naming any names here) tell you it'll take them 3-5 weeks to personalize. If you're a fan of immediate gratification & great quality, this necklace is for you!

Now that we've got the neck area down, let's talk wrists.
I refuse to say "armparty" because frankly, I think it sounds pretty dumb. Maybe it's not actually bad- but because it's so overused and overhashtagged? 
I digress.
My usual wristwear is a big gold watch, and 1-2 bracelets. Worked into the rotation has been these Lily and Laura bracelets. These bracelets are made with Nepali women- and are a bunch of tiiiiny crystal beads that layer perfectly! They stack together really well, and have a little bend to them so they sit up nice and snug to your watch/other bracelets!
Once again, Instaproof:

So how do you layer, friends?
Are you more of a simple gold monogram girl, or a colorful lily and laura bracelet wearer?

xo, lp

*the pretty powers that be at 9th & Elm sent me these baubles as a thank you for writing this post. i don't post about companies or products unless I dig them, and you can have my friends/coworkers attest to the fact that I ACTUALLY wear these pieces regularly. no lies here, buds.


  1. I can't wear a ton of arm jewelry at my job because they constantly "click" while I'm typing and I worry the sound would drive my co-workers insane! I need to get better at layering necklaces, that I could do and be silent!

    1. oh i totally hear you! i can never wear any bracelets that are too large for the same reason!!

  2. So glad you posted this! Took your advice and ordered myself a monogram necklace because really, no one wants to wait 3-4 weeks. Thanks Laura! :]

    1. Ooo! Glad you got one! I mean, I am just the worst at waiting for that kind of stuff!

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