Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Oh friends, you're going to thank me for this recipe post.
Ice Cream Sandwiches.

These are a little labor intensive, and a little messy, but they are gooo-ooood.
Here's what you'll need to make it happen (makes 12 sandwiches):

for the sandwiches:
-Chocolate or vanilla ice cream
- Crushed heath bars

for the cookies:
1 cup flour   //  1/2 teaspoon salt  //  1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1/3 cup granulated sugar  //  1/3 cup brown sugar  //  1 stick butter  
 1 large egg // 2 teaspoons vanilla  // 1 cup chopped heath

How to make it happen:

Step 1: Bake your cookies & let them cool! (mix butter/sugars - combine with egg/vanilla - stir in flour/salt/baking soda - add in heath - bake at 350 for 10 minutes)

Step 2: Get your ice cream out of the freezer and let thaw for 5 minutes. While it's thawing, get a plate of crushed Heath ready!

Step 3: Add a large scoop of softened ice cream to one cookie and place another on top, GENTLY pressing down until the ice cream starts to come out of the sides!

Step 4: Smooth the ice cream out around the edges with a knife or spoon until flush with the cookies.

Step 5: Roll in crushed Heath, and get them back to the freezer right away!

Step 6: Wait 45 min- 1 hour to harden completely, and enjoy!

1. REALLY let your cookies cool completely. Don't be impatient. Your ice cream will melt alllll over if they are even slightly warm!
2. Do these 1 at a time and put each one in the freezer right away- otherwise you'll have a melty sandwich mess on your hands!
3. For the love of all that is good- remember to put your ice cream away when you're done.
No, really.
I finished making my sandwiches and got a call on my phone upstairs so I ran to answer it- and got completely off track..legit forgetting my open ice cream...melting allll over. Hey, just keepin' it real over here!

And here they are, in their finished product glory.
Creamy, crunchy, sweet, buttery.
So delicious!

 So now that you know my favorite ice cream treat- I have to know, what's yours?
Bonus points if it involves Heath :)

xo, lp


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