Sunday, November 23, 2014


Oh my friends,
It's the season from here on out I will fondly call Buffalo Check season.

I work in Menswear and I have to say, buffalo check is is one of my favorite patterns to run during the holiday season. It's bold, classic, and great for guys & girls alike.

Here are a handful of awesome red + black buff check items you've GOT to grab this year!

1.  Oh, let's begin with some classic Pendleton, shall we? This clutch (currently on sale!)  is 98% lady and 2% lumberjack. 

2&3: This tote is just right for Farmer's Markets...and this backpack is MADE for a chilly camping trip.

4. I don't think I am quite cool enough to rock a mini belt bag- but if I was, this one would absolutely be my choice.

5. I know I've shared this C.Wonder blanket before- but if you're not into 100% wool blankets, this one is for you!

6. This scarf is perfectly androgynous enough for you to wear...or for your boyfriend to steal. Or vice versa.

7. Looking to make your home decked out in Buffalo Check? These throw pillows from Faribault Woolen Mill will give your pad the cabin feel!

8.  Say it with me: Buffalo. Check. Wallets. 

9.  The #1 thing from this list that I want to scoop up is the Faribault Woolen Mills 100% Wool, Made in the USA blanket. I want it for picnics, and camping trips, and early winter bonfires! 

Which of these Buffalo Check beauties would you love to have?
If anyone feels like sending me that Faribault blanket, you'd be my favorite person ever...

xo ,lp

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