Monday, November 3, 2014


Oh fall, don't go!

We've had such a perfect fall this year- I'm in complete denial that it has to go to let winter in. Michael and I hung out just the two of us this weekend (sorry, we're not Halloween people!) and enjoyed the sunny & chilly November weather of Madison.

Kale flowers. WHY can't we all figure out how to have these available yearround? So gorgeous!

This picture LOOKS like it was taken in July- but it was just a usual Saturday in November. We grabbed some popcorn and beer and enjoyed the Terrace before they take the chairs away for winter!

I've passed by this red door probably....23243459 times in my 8 years in Madison, and I've always wanted a picture with it. I don't know why- just weird like that I guess? Either way- wish fulfilled this weekend!

 Compulsive gradient ordering of the leaves. Yup. Can't stop won't stop.

This week's pick of the week is this awesome clutch/makeup pouch:

What did you do this weekend, friends?
Any good Halloween costumes?

xo, lp

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  1. You make me wish I had actually gotten out and enjoyed Madison's weather this weekend! We barely left the house, but it was still pretty great.

  2. I work next door to Grace Church and admire that door daily. I've seen some really beautiful wedding pictures taken in front of it, it really is a great background!

  3. my heart hurts look at the madison pictures :( I love them so much!

    (I'm not a halloween person either. we may be the only ones on the internet who feel that way!)

    1. YES! I knew i wasn't the only non-halloween lover!!!


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