Monday, May 11, 2015


Oh May birthday girls- you are some lucky ladies to have Emerald be your birthstone. Y'all must have been throwing a party back in 2013 when it was the Pantone color of the year. 
Whenever I think of emeralds I think of pirates treasure of gold and gems...which according to Wikipedia is a pretty dumb thought since most of them in the world are in Colombia, which is less pirate-y and more drug lord-y.

If you love emerald things- it's nearly impossible in May to find something that is in that color family. I don't know who decided birthstones, but clearly they were drunk the day they put a fall/winter color as a birthstone for spring/summer. #justsayin.

All that aside, it still is possible to find some awesome emerald-like jewelry [like these] or phone cases with varying deep green hues [how great are these?]. So while they're few and far between, just be thankful you have such a glamorous birthstone!

Here's the May favorites:
may birthstone - love the emerald!

This month's picks include:
That cocktail ring is insane but fabulous, right? [more emerald-y jewelery HERE]

3 stellar phone cases with assorted green hues [shop them all HERE]

A green clutch, good all year long [more green pouches HERE]

This Tory Burch keychain- the best of the dark-emerald-meets-summertime combination. [find the TB keychains HERE]

Tassel green shoes, because...why not? [shop green shoes HERE]

Happy Birthday to all you May ladies!
Hope you find a great emerald gift to yourself out there!

xo, lp

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  1. Oh my gosh, Laura! I'm a May baby and I've always thought about how impossible it is to find anything in the color emerald during this time. I'm glad someone else sees it that way too! Also, love that snakeskin phone case and Tory Burch key ring!

    1. totally!! just means you have to get yourself DOUBLE the presents later in the year ;-)

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