Friday, May 8, 2015


I haven't done a #followfriday in a while, which is a dang shame, because there are some AWESOME people on Instagram to follow!
First things first, if we're not already friends on Instagram, let's make that happen, mmkay?
Find me here ---> @lpodlich
These ladies are insanely creative, colorful, and are great at taking pictures that are extra pleasing on the eyes! Some I've been following for years, some not quiiiite that long- but they're all equally awesome.

Here they are:

@linesacross: FINALLY! Someone who loves #everythinginrainboworder just as much as I do!

@sugarandcloth: If you're still riding on the macaron train, you've got to follow Ashley.

@laurenwager: I recently started following Lauren's feed, and it's every Pantone lovers DREAM.

@cestmaria: This feed is full of pastel goodness, coming all the way from Mexico. She makes some amazing Pantone creations that totally blow me away!

@aurelycerise: Aurelie's pictures from Paris are full of surprise and whimsy- her feed is unlike anyone else's I follow.

@studiofleurette: Flowers. Flowers. Flowers. Gorgeous floral magic. Need I say more?

@fhasselhof: Fran's feed is a peek into the life of the most fashionable Med Student out there. Fuh real.

@domestikateblog: If I ever need help throwing a party, this lady would be first on my list to reach out to for help. Her DIY skills are out of this world!

@gabyburger: Gaby's images belong in a magazine, all day, errryday. Do all Canadians have this much style??

@ali_vinciguerra: I can't decide what I love more about AV's feed- her classy New England style (and new house design!) or her sweet sweet pictures of her new baby boy.

@alongobucco: She works for a magazine, so her taste level is WAY above mine, you've got  to check Alyssa out!

@vickiee_yo: One day it's pineapple donuts, the next it's fruit cookies... Vickie's sweet treats are UNREAL!

@nikkirap: I vicariously live through Nikki's meals. She eats at the best restaurants and cooks the most amazing looking dishes!

@kelleydigioia: Kelley is the best because she keeps it real. She's got mad style and the cutest pups on earth.

@hol_fox: This lady makes Martha Stewart look like a baking scrub. Seriously perfection!

@onefinea: Ashley is the epitome of "live colorfully"! Besides her spot on wardrobe, her babe is insanely cute!

Who do you love following on Instagram?
Leave their handle (or yours!) in the comment section!

xo, lp

(psst find me here --> @lpodlich)


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