Thursday, May 28, 2015


Or well, a heck of a lot of people are. Between High School & College, there are so many people out there graduating in May & June, that you're bound to know someone out there you need to get- a gift for. Or maybe you're graduating and you're the one that can hint at gifts you'd like? 

This guide is for one-size-fits-all gifts (like earrings) that are easy to get for the graduating lady. Some are practical (like these) and some are just fun (like these) - but all should fit her just fine!

Plus, all these gifts come with FREE 3 day shipping, so you can spend a little extra on the gift itself :)

So many people get cash or checks when they graduate- step outside of that box and instead give her a wallet to put all that $$ into!

I mean, you can't go wrong with one of these Michael Kors purses. A quality bag that will last years is sure to make her happy!

 If you're not looking to shell out a ton of cash, snap up a pair of these Kate Spade earrings. They go with everything, and are SUCH a steal of a deal!

Ladies these days change their phone covers about as much as in my day we changed our BonneBell Lipsmackers (whoa dating myself there. ouch.). Get a colorful case and you're sure to please.
 If the graduate you're buying for is practical AND stylish, then you have to get her a S'well bottle. I have one of these things and LOVE it. It looks cool and it keeps water icy for days and tea hot for ages. I know a thermos isn't a common gift, but I can guarantee it'll be used constantly!

What are you grabbing for the Graduate in your life?
Or if you're a Graduate- what are you hoping to get?

xo, lp


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