Monday, June 1, 2015


Happy JUNE everybody!

How is May over already? I ended May by going to a fabulous bachelorette party honoring a lovely friend - which means now wedding season gets to BEGIN!

Here's what's good lately:

These are the two pieces I kept from my last Rocksbox...aren't they great? I wore the bracelet everywhere in New York and this weekend at the bachelorette party...and that necklace is the prettiest summer aqua!
If you haven't signed up for Rocksbox yet- WHAT are you waiting for? Wedding season is the time to try it out- trust me. Much easier to having someone picking out and sending you jewelry than continually shopping on your own! 
Get your first box for FREEE! Just go to and use code "beautyandbeardxoxo" :)
FREE month of jewelry at with code "beautyandbeardxoxo"

 My trip to New York was SO. DANG. GOOD. I'll be posting some pictures from my favorite places we visited...but if you want a sneak peek...go HERE!
brooklyn bridge

If someone just wants to start sending me rock candy on a monthly basis, I wouldn't totally hate it. Here's the latest #everythinginrainboworder
rainbow rock candy
 In case you missed it last week, THIS post is all about some great graduation gifts to give (or ask for!):
every graduation gift you'd want!
This week's recipe post is a serious winner. Gahhh. I started making this a couple months ago and have been eating it so's about time to finally share the (super easy) recipe!
southwest caesar salad

What's been good for you lately, friends?
What does June have in store for you?

xo, lp

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