Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Sometimes the best sales are the "extra sale on top of sale" sales, right?
Oh man, I should have started this post by saying "take a shot every time you see the word "sale" in this post. You'd all be wasted right now.

Anyway, Shopbop has extra 25% of sale items right now, which means that item you've been eyeing for a while to go on deeper sale is ready for you to buy it :)

On my radar: a few black bikinis (like these) are on sale finally, plus any of these Tory Burch items!

if you're NOT interested in shopping this sale but you're still reading this post (you're the best)- here are some more good options for your reading pleasure:
- One Fine Day's latest Love List is perfection
- Franish answered some style questions that us nosy readers asked

If you ARE interested in the sale, what are you still doing listening to me blab?
Go! Shop!

xo, lp

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