Tuesday, June 9, 2015


Happy Tuesday you guys!

Most Mondays I do a little "life lately" round up...sharing what's going on in my life via Instagram.
Most bloggers do it... some people just share images with a short caption, some share recipes (how good does this smoothie look?) or items they think are must-haves for the season (like flats- I mean, am I wrong to love gold glitter flats like these ones?) - but all of them are great little snapshots into their lives!

Anyways- I hope some of you out there like these type of posts as much as I do- because HERE is life lately:

I've mentioned this before- but when I do recipe posts for the blog, I cook/shoot a bunch of recipes in one day and then edit/post throughout the month. Why do I do this? Well, partially because it's efficient, and partially because I make a MESS when I cook or bake. Like, a reaaaally big mess...so I figure it's better to make all the messes on one day ;-) 

This weekend I shot a handful of AWESOME new recipes, including this drink...which you'll see sometime this month (it's so. dang. good):

summer cocktail

 Fresh. Blooms. Errrry. Day. The grocery store by us always stocks the prettiest, cheapest flowers. These bright orange roses were just screaming my name:
summer flowers

I saw multiple women in New York wearing glitter flats (like these) - since WHEN are glitter shoes in? Maybe this just hasn't hit the Midwest yet? Looking for opinions here...
gold glitter flats

Speaking of New York, can we discuss how awesome Dylan's Candy Bar is? Ermahgerd. So much candy in EVERY COLOR OF THE RAINBOW. My dream of #everythinginrainboworder has come true!
rainbow candy!

Other than that, in case you missed it, the Shopbop winner was announced...want to see if it was you? go HERE!

What's new with you guys lately?
Tell me something good, people!

xo, lp

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