Monday, April 23, 2012

busiest weekend ever.

Somehow Thurs/Fri/Sat/Sun all mashed together and felt like about...8 hours?
I went back to the Midwest for the first time in 6 months, and FYI- it's 1:19 am EST.
Michael and I just got back in town a little bit ago and somehow I'm running on enough adrenaline to share some Instagram shots of the trip. If there are spelling errors I apologize- proofreading doesn't exist at 1:19 am. It's a well known fact.
The weekend was full of wedding bliss, amazing food, and sprinting through O'Hare. Yup. Sprinting. More on that later.

Hope you all had as wonderful of a weekend as we did! 

1. pastels & packing  
  2. selected baubles   
  3. reunited with my love at the airport
4. richmond international   
5. plane necessities  
 6. tarmac sun
7-9. madison capitol building at all hours of the day&night
10. photographer seester  
 11. early morning photo shoot  
  12. the cutest bug
13. beauty & the beard  
 14. wedding details  
15.  uw madison band concert spectacle
16. wi life: meat raffles   
  17. home of the best salted caramel shake on earth
 18. red pants, say what!?

I promise there will be more [coherent] trip updates to come...happy monday you good looking people.

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  1. I saw your tweet and I can say this: I hate ohare. If I could, I would eradicate it from the face of the earth. I have never, in my almost 28 years, had a connecting flight there go anything that can be considered smoothly.

  2. It looks like such a fun weekend! I loved your outfit for the wedding and now I'm sitting at my desk craving a salted carmel milkshake- no fair.

  3. The wedding looked like a gorgeous event! I'm in need if that Domino magazine!

    P.S. I just announced an awesome giveaway on the blog this morning & would love for you to enter!! :)

  4. looks like you had a great weekend. i particularly like your photograph of the sun setting over the capitol building -- very pretty :) xx

  5. hope you had a great time in wisco! :) it was so nice meeting you dear!

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