Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday's Fancies #16: Pastel Party

As you all saw last week, I'm not a huge fan of all the floral out there...but the pastel trend? Now that's one I can get behind. Give me a good tan and a mint colored dress and I am good to go for summer! It's pretty clear that pale pink, cream, and mint are the front runners this season, and I'm loving the new take on Neapolitan.

bag: pink /  stripe ($49!)  /  mint
shorts:   pink  / lace  / mint
rings:  pink   /   cream  /   mint

My favorite? The Chloe mint bag- pure perfection.
What's yours this week?

(get on over to {long distance loving} for more!


  1. I just came across this cute lace shorts today too! I am in love with them and I totally love the pale pink short too. Well done!

    have a very happy friday!

  2. I'm really loving this colors you have up today, especially the mint. So pretty!


  3. I want to embrace more of them in my wardrobe! I love those mint shorts and the cream ring. Happy Weekend Laura!

  4. I love every single piece here. That pink ring is probably my fav. And I am with you on that Mint bag....gorgeous!!!

  5. Love these pastel picks!

  6. Love this color combo! Now I just need to work on that tan...Happy Weekend!!

  7. Love those mint shorts! And if only I could afford that bag... someday! Happy Friday love!xx

  8. Yes, I love that Chloe bag, too. I like all of the shorts you picked, also. Great pastel post! Come check out my Kate Spade giveaway. ;)

  9. Ahhh I love all of those shorts! And these are my favorite colors for spring! Just bought me a mint green dress that I am obsessed with! Love all those rings too! :)

  10. Love those mint shorts! And that striped bag is such a steal! Have a good weekend! :]

  11. Mint ring is amazing!! Loving the striped bag as well - it's a part of my fancies collection and I was shocked at such an affordable price as well love love

  12. LOVE that striped bag! It's so gorgeous!

  13. I need a pair of lace shorts. I absolutely love them. All of those rings are great too! Have a good weekend!

  14. Hey! I nominated you for the Liebster Award! If you haven't received it yet, then go to my page for more details! If you have gotten it already, then ooops! :P

  15. ooh love the idea of adding a pastel colored ring!

  16. i love all things mint,peach & lacy lately- thus everything on your page!


  17. Thank you for your sweet comment! Your blog is equally fabulous! And I really like the name of your blog too :) I'm really liking the mint green picks. They would pair well with a tan and a white summer dress!

    holly foxen wells

  18. Looooving the Chloe mint purse... so fab! Also enjoy your FF's posts ;)

  19. Gahh! I am just so obsessed with these pastel pieces!! I just stumbled across your blog, and couldn't be more thrilled. You have a new follower!


  20. LOVE that striped bag! So cute!

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