Monday, April 16, 2012

Multiple "I"s

Happy Monday you lovely people. 

It's Monday- and I don't know about you, but I am tiii-red. Yes, multiple "i"s. 
If any of you have ever worked in retail and have had to do floor sets for different seasons, you understand why the extra "i"s are needed. I happen to be a nerd and love new floor sets, but am less of a fan of being up before dawn on a Sunday (when nothing in the South opens until noon).
Thus, I'll keep it short- here's a look into what happened this past week:

1. homemade bruschetta for a snack [recipe tomorrow!]
2. lazy morning breakfast
3. attempt #1 at a sock bun
4. beauty & the beard shoe size difference
5. jelly belly love from a great friend
6. domino. enough said. omg.
7. sporting a homemade necklace to work
8. new shop design spark necklace [get yours here]
9. penguin pjs from michael's mom. [so comfy]

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  1. Ooo loving the sock bun! I've also attempted that too, but my hair is slightly too short....grow hair grow!! x

  2. That sock bun is FABULOUS! I love it so much. And that coral necklace...I die. Loooove your instagrams. I'm too addicted to that app--can't get enough of it!

  3. I used to work at American Eagle back in the day and I used to LOVE Christmas floor sets and would work them all the time!

  4. i'm pretty impressed with that sock bun! and the bruschetta.

  5. Umm your sock bun looks perfect... that was your first attempt?! Wow... and I already commented on Instagram of your new necklace but I am again! I LOVE IT! Did you get my email about the Versatile Blog Award?! If not, check out my blog post this morning, I nominated you! xo

    1. Yes!! I got your email! Thank you so much- you are so sweet!!!

  6. Love the sock bun! And your new necklace is gorgeous! If only I could steal it to take on my trip to Mexico next week :)

    1. grrr still so jealous of your mexico trip!

  7. I can't master the sock bun...I have tried too many times to even admit! ;) Love your new necklace...hope yu are getting some rest today!

  8. i am a total nerd over floor sets too. i worked on visuals a lot at ten i talbots when i was in college and i had a love/hate relationship with them. it's fun but ehxuasting!! we used to make starbucks trips for eachother.

    -also, jealous of your sock bun skills. i suck at doing hair!

    -aaaand, i need that necklace!!


  9. That bruschetta looks so good! You need to try the one they sell at Trader Joe's, if you have a store by you.


  10. Your sock bun looks awesome! Mine looks like a half eaten donut :( Found your blog via Recently and love it to pieces. Newly following :) Have a great day!


  11. Hi there! Visiting from Ash's Instagram link-up. Your bun turned out GREAT! It looks amazing. :) Happy Monday!

  12. Lovely blog! Thank you for linking up with me! It will be bi-weekly so come back again! And so much goodness in this post, love the necklace and love the sock bun! Its so fun!

    The Weekend File

  13. I got my domino too and looove it! I'm jealous of your penguin pj's! They look so cozy! :)


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