Monday, April 2, 2012

OBX take two

Happy Monday you lovely people.
** If you haven't read/seen The Hunger Games and don't want any spoilers, avoid this paragraph**
Hope you all had a great weekend...I worked Fri-Sun but managed to get to see the Hunger Games with Michael. A 14 year old girl sobbed (yes, not cried, SOBBED) for about thirty minutes after Rue died. Finally a guy turned around and shushed her. She then cried AGAIN when Peeta and Katniss reunited. Oh, teenage hormones, how I do not miss thee. At the end about half of the audience applauded. Did the people of Richmond not get the memo that movies aren't real life? I'm confused.

Moving on: My parents are in VA right now. 
You all have no idea how hard it was for me to not put that sentence in all capital letters. Oh hell, this is my blog, and I'm okay with being 24 and acting like a 6 year old excited to see her mommy and daddy.
MY MOM AND DAD ARE IN TOWN!!!!!!!! AH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That being said, I won't be around getting back to comments/emails/tweets today or tomorrow too much. 

Okay, I'm done, I promise. I had you all fooled thinking I was a mature, sophisticated lady, didn't I? Well the jig is up I guess. Hope you all stay loyal readers after all that, but if not- I understand.
Today I'll leave you with a little glimpse into our trip last weekend to the Outer Banks, NC.

According to the weather man (aka the big fat liar) the whole east coast was supposed to be washed away by horrible thunderstorms and possibly a tornado. Of course, just in time for our vacation. Perrrrfect. Well, we said screw it and went anyway. Other than a little drizzle our first day the total rain time during the weekend was about 20 minutes. Psh, the lies those people tell.

We spent our time walking on the beach, antiquing, salt water taffy eating gorging, lighthouse watching, and checking out the spot the Wright brothers first took flight (!). 

Long story short, we love OBX. Mmm-hmmmm. 

Thanks for putting up with so many capital letters. I promise that won't happen again.

Anyone else love salt water taffy as much as I do? Let's chat.


  1. Mmm salt water taffy...I haven't had that in forever but now it sounds so good!
    Happy the weatherman lied and you got to enjoy a nice vacation and I hope your time with your parents is AMAZING (in all caps, of course)! :)

    Left brain, right brain, pug brain.

    1. Haha time with the parents was AMAZING! caps needed !

  2. Hahaha.. I'm laughing out loud about the 14-year-old girl sobbing in the theater. Life becomes so much more dramatic at that age than it needs to be. Hope you have fun with your parents! xoxo, morgan

  3. Looks like you had a fabulous weekend! I totally understand your enthusiasm with your parents being in town! I can relate 100%. And salt water taffy...I get a bag from Trader Joe's a couple times a month. LOVE ME SOME TAFFY!!!

    Hope you have an even better week!

    xx, Allie

    1. glad i'm not the only taffy lover- and the stuff from TJ's is sooo good!

  4. I love OBX (and I am so glad that you didn't looove the HG, I wasn't overly impressed either)

  5. Hi!! :)
    I really like your blog, I´m following you :D
    ... maybe if you have time, you could visit my blog too, and if you like it, follow me back ;)


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