Thursday, December 13, 2012


Oh hey there friends. 
I'm here to talk about holding yourself accountable. 
I know some of you are thinking: WOMP WOMP.
WAIT! Before you leave! Give it a chance- this isn't a sappy motivational/fitfluential/blahblah post. I promise. 

I am lucky because I have a blogger friend that became a real-life friend, Dani- who not only runs a fashion blog, but is also a Social Media Manager and an Etsy shop owner. Through her little shop Life's A Journal, she sells Daily Notepad Pages (and blogger pads!). You go to her shop and have a few simple options of pretty pads that will simplify your life. 
 This is what the pages look like:

They're the size of letter paper, so although there's a lot on it, there is PLENTY of space to write. It's like all the gadgets/planners you could have rolled into one. Meal tracker, event tracker, fitness tracker, to do list, to buy list, and even a place to write goals for the day. 

Now, I'm not stupid, I know this kind of thing isn't for everyone- but I promise it is really effective. I've been  tracking the amount of water I drink everyday, and there is something creepily satisfying about crossing off each of those water glasses whenever I drink one. On top of that I've been keeping track of meals, and their calorie totals- just as a way to check out what I'm putting into my body each day- not even as a weight loss tool! I definitely don't use every section each day- as you can see below:
I know setting goals for yourself may sound corny- but honestly, since I started using these pads and writing different goals each day- I've really been sticking to them. I feel like while this is an awesome gift for a friend or family member- it's also one of those gifts that you should get yourself. I love buying presents for people- but sometimes it's necessary to spend a little money on yourself, especially when it's for a product like this.
Dani kind of kicks butt, and is offering everyone 15% off Life's A Journal products  with the code ORGANIZE2013 until January 1st! Yeah. THAT long. So you can get it now for a Christmas gift for someone- or a New Year's resolution tool for yourself! 

How do you hold yourself accountable?
If you don't have a way yet, try these!
xo, lp

* NO I was NOT paid to write this, nor would I if I didn't actually use this (which I do daily, ask my coworkers). Dani did give me the pad- but that's because we're actual friends...unless she was bribing me...Dani....were you...!? Kidding. But seriously. Go get yo'self a pad people, hold yourself accountable!


  1. Love this! I need something like this at work!

  2. I completely love this–and I totally need something to keep me in check most days! I even forget to drink water (so bad, I know).

    The Glossy Life

  3. omg. i NEED this. like checking off to drink water is something i actually need to do.

  4. I am a little addicted to planners. I carried 2 with me everyday BEFORE I started planning a wedding. Maybe I need one more?

  5. I've been using Dani's organization pages for almost a year now! Last October {2011} she had a giveaway on her blog and I won the pages {yay!} After that I was hooked and immediately bought two pads when I saw them in her Etsy shop! YES TO THESE AS A NEED FOR DAILY LIVING!
    XO -Rachel

  6. This is awesome! The water tracker is a great addition!

  7. I love Dani's blogger notepad... I use it ALL THE TIME to keep myself organized blog wise... I really should grab one of these as well... it would definitely make my life simpler!! xoxo

  8. I always accomplish more when I make lists too. I love lists.


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