Monday, December 3, 2012


I don't know what was going on this weekend, but somehow the stars aligned and it was kind of perfect.
Badger win. Packer win. 55 degree weather.
A few things from last week:

1. I've been embarrassing myself left and right at work. Monday I almost knocked our CEO down the stairs when I was running down them late for a meeting. Tuesday a board member was being shown around the design area near my desk (unbeknownst to me) and I turned the corner yelling about cheese* (long story) riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight outside the OPEN door he was in with a bunch of higher ups in the company. #fail.

2. Target-NM collaboration? Meh. Underwhelming. Anyone else out there in merchandising? Did you look at that stuff and say "well, clearly those designers had some liability material they had to get rid of and dumped it on Target."? 

3. This is the only outfit shot I snapped last week. Nothing like some polka dots and green shoes to make your day better (especially when you've been embarrassing yourself daily at work).

4. Did you made the recipe last week yet? I need to stop making them weekly. It's dangerous.

5. I shared about my Pantone love last week, and I'll show you what I did with my Pantone cards later this week.... (find me on Instagram here)

Today I am over on Landi's Blog sharing some fun things. Make sure you check it out here and say hi to her while you're over there!

Have any embarrassing moments last week?
Please share. Please.

xo, lp

*for those of you who wonder WHY the heck I was yelling about cheese, my short answer is: I live in Wisconsin, that's what we do. My long answer is: I had brought in yummy aged cheese to share with coworkers and was stoked about it. Yes, that is seriously the reason I was yelling about cheese at work. #professionallady


  1. Love your polka dot sweater! looks so cute:)


  2. i am making the desert for our fancy schmancy white elephant party next weekend!! thanks for sharing :)

  3. I thought I would like the Target-NM collection much more than I do, too! so sad.

  4. If only I could start a blog about all the embarassing things I do at would be much more entertaining than my actual blog....sigh, happens to the best of us!!

  5. that pie looks like some magazine shiz ... i would not want to eat it for fear of messing it up ... i too, love cheese, maybe enough to yell about it, but i don't live in wisconsin ... and my friend {super girly} loves the target-NM collabo ... i, meanwhile, have been living under a rock, and don't even know what the stuff looks like ... i'll have to check it out soon. excited to see what you did with the paint strip thingies. i already got some, but they are just layin around ... waiting for a cause.

  6. Cheese is awesome and should be shouted about from the rooftops.

    I am super psyched, I am getting green Betsey Johnson flats for Christmas.

  7. I'm pretty sure I shout about cheese daily. Especially since I've been trying to be healthy and eat less of it. Yeah, I probably shout about it a lot more now.

    I hope this week is a little less embarrassing for you!

    xx, Jordan

  8. First of all, yelling about cheese is something I would do too. I am very passionate about food. One time at the office, I literally ran downstairs to grab the maple bacon donut! Everyone thought it was hilarious (and weird).

    Secondly, I agree about the Target / NM collab. With exception to a couple items, I thought it was underwhelming too. The Tracy Reese blouse was gorgeous, but I'm not about to spend $80 on it.

    I wore a similar outfit last week, but it was a polka dot sweater with lilac pants! So fun & cheery.

  9. Omg. The cheese story. At least you can laugh about it?

  10. I felt the same way about Not anyone's best work.

    I feel just as passionately about shame, girl.

  11. Like almost everyone else I was also not impressed.
    But I did buy the Oscar De La Renta purse.
    Because I would have kicked myself if I didn't and it was sold out.

  12. As a fellow Wisconsinite, I'm constantly yelling about cheese! It's definitely allowed (and welcomed) in our state! Also, that tarte looks amazing, I need to give that a go :)


  13. I have that sweater in white and I love your green shoes! So cute!

  14. Oh don't worry I embarrass myself at work on the reg!

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