Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday's Fancies #46: Express Yourself

Today's Friday's Fancies is all about picking out an outfit that reflects you. Easy, right?

This is pretty much the epitome of a day to day outfit:
comfortable & simple while still being interesting!

1. Yes, I've shown this scarf a bunch. It's because I own it and love it. It's soft and colorful and perfect for the holidays! The best part? It's under $15!

2. I wear brown boots just about every day in the fall & winter. Boring? Maybe. These Madewell babies could be mine any day.

3. With the Gorjana cyber monday sale I just couldn't avoid getting my initial ring any longer. Can't wait for it to arrive. Gorgeous, right?

4. I rotate between a bunch of pairs of dark skinnies throughout the week. Listen, I didn't promise this outfit would be wild & exciting...

5. I may be boring in the jean and boot department, but I try to wear bold colors too, like this green sweater

6. No outfit is complete without a fun necklace, right? This BaubleBar one will do the trick!

7. Last but not least, if I could afford this bag, it would absolutely be in my day-to-day bag. Perfect & polka-dotted.

What items are your go-tos?
If the polka dot bag is one of them and you feel like passing it on to me, I'd be cool with that.

xo, lp


  1. The initial ring is very cute! i have a similar one but it has my sorority letters--simple and delicate!

  2. I feel like I would have had a strangely difficult time coming up with an outfit that was the epitome of me. I love what you chose!

    The Glossy Life

  3. I love this outfit!!! You've got great style, I always look for your outfit of the day pics on Instagram! That polka dot bag is too cute! And I want those rings (although different initals of course)! :)

    1. Thanks dear! Glad you like the instagram ones too :)

  4. I wish that scarf was longer. I had it in my hand in Target and just didn't like how it laid. I am totally picky about scarf length. Weird.

    1. Haha totally not weird! I normally like really long scarves I can wrap a bunch, but this looks good under long wool trenches...and i liked the pattern too much to pass it up!!

  5. Cute outfit! I like the different colours together :) loving plaid right now!!

    Following your blog on GFC :)


  6. Oh love that scarf! I'm all about plaid this year. So festive!

  7. I LOVE those boots! Happy Friday! :)

  8. Love everything! Especially the scarf and sweater!!

  9. I LOVE that scarf!!! I meant to look for it on my recent Target trip and I totally forgot! I need to go later today. Hopefully I remember!!! ;)

  10. This outfit is definitely you! I love that bag so much!


  11. this is such a cute outfit!! very classy and simple for everyday !


  12. obsessssssed with the boots. i just kept typing "s"es and couldn't stop.


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