Wednesday, November 28, 2012


I know technically the holidays is the time you're supposed to wear tartan, but I love it year round. 

Since it seems to be especially oh-so cool this year, I thought I'd do a round up of a few of my favorite tartan items this year! I'm loving all of the new blue patterns, especially in all the accessories like makeup bags and iPad cases:

1-3: Clearly you can't go wrong with a classic red tartan scarf. I have the one on the far right from Target, but the first deep red one from Ralph Lauren or the bright red and teal from ASOS are great options too!

4. Hi GAP, your tartan makeup bag kicks butt. Care to send me one? Great.

5. Again, I'm not cool enough to have an iPhone, but if I did I would already own this awesome case from Juicy.

6. Again, GAP, killin' it. Again, I don't have an iPad so I can't enjoy this gem. Please let me know if you get it so I can do that living-vicariously-through-you-thing.

Are you a holiday plaid/tartan fan?
...or do you wear it all year round like me?

xo, lp

Find more Tartan here....


  1. I always feel silly wearing tartan in Florida! After all, we're still in the 70s weather wise...

    But I still love it and wish I could wear it!

  2. I am so all about tartan (but did need a bit of a reminder!) Great post :)

  3. That makeup bag is a-ma-zing... love how you styled your outfit :)

  4. I'm totally guilty of wearing tartan year-round...I just love the pattern! Those little loafers from Gap are so fun!

    The Glossy Life

  5. I love tartan...I don't own nearly enough of it, but if I did, I'd totally wear it year-round (at least in cold-ish weather)! Maybe in 2013 when my "no more shopping for self" rule expires I'll be able to scoop some up on sale! :) Thanks for the inspiration!!

  6. Love it. But I don't own much at all! My dad on the other hand... seriously. It's pretty much his go-to option when he's not in a suit.

  7. I adore plaid.

    I'm mad that Gap makeup bag is no longer in stock!

    And I want the Juicy iphone case but want to be sure it's awesome like the current Kate Spade one I have.

  8. I love it! Being of Scottish descent, I grew up seeing my grandma wear plaid often. I was lucky enough to snatch up her red plaid scarf after she passed! I want that makeup bag! So cute!

  9. all of a sudden, i am into the "lumberjack" plaid ... or tartan, if you are normal ... i'm going to stop commenting on every single post and follow your blog now.

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