Monday, November 5, 2012


If the weather in the Midwest could be sunny fall weather, I would be happy forever. 

I hope you all did something useful with your extra hour of the morning on Sunday. I'd be lying if I said I did...I laid in bed under a heated blanket. And it was awesome. So there. 

Bright spot of last week:
j.crew giraffe necklace (similar)  //  F21 coral sweater (similar)

I've begun wearing vests a lot. I hope my coworkers don't notice. Crap. 
f21 amour necklace ($5!) // olive down vest (similar here) // boatneck top (similar here)

At the end of my carpool last week this was my view:
 (find me on instagram here)

Tomorrow I'll be sharing the recipe for my Orange Meltaways. Get. Ready.

I don't have an iPhone (huge gasp from the crowd in disgust), but I want to buy one JUST so I can get this phone case:
 Pretty sure it's the best and most affordable Kate Spade thing out there. Yup. Will someone please get it and take pictures using it so I can live vicariously through you?!

What'd you do this weekend friends?
Please tell me you bought that phone case. Help a girl out.

xo, lp


  1. I'm with you there on the no smart phone thing. I wish I had a case like that! Love it and that f21 necklace is too cute!

  2. We have busted out the electric blanket too!!! Definitely spent the extra hour sleeping and snuggling as well :)

  3. I've never heard of a meltaway cookie. I can't wait to see the recipe!

    The Glossy Life

  4. Uh oh, may have to buy iphone case number #5 (already have the Jcrew hens (on it now), kate spade polka dots, cath kidston flowers, jcrew leopard...yes I have a problem.


    p.s. today, on my blog, I'm donating $$ to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund for every comment...please spread the word!

  5. I make peppermint meltaways at Christmas and love them. Can't wait to see your recipe!

  6. Wish I could be wrapped under a headed blanket!! Love that you're reppin so many vests - they are amazing. Can't wait to see this cookie recipe - look delish!

  7. Seriously - why is it SO cold in Wisconsin! I shot an entire wedding this weekend in flats and paid a very cold price (nothing that a bubble bath couldn't fix, but still!)

    Hope you're staying warm in Madison!


  8. That phone case is pretty sweet! I did not use my extra hour of sleep wisely... I actually woke up even earlier than normal so it might as well have been spring forward. I'm gonna have to look into this heated blanket situation.

  9. love that case!! please tell me it's also for an iphone5 and i'm buying!! Love the sunset picture so pretty

  10. The phone case is even cuter in person. It's taking EVERYTHING inside me to not pull the plug and just buy it already:)

  11. Just came across your blog & love it especially Kate Spade! :)


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