Thursday, November 29, 2012


This post is part about gift giving, and part about proof of how well my sister can read my mind.
warning: i say Pantone a ton. i didn't get paid for it...but if you feel like taking a drink every time you see the word "Pantone"...go for it.

The other day at work, my coworker Emily was talking about getting a Pantone iPhone case, and I went into  my usual snit of whining about there not being any cool Pantone cases for Android. Wop-wop.

4 days later I went home for Thanksgiving and my sister gave me my Hanukkah gift early: a set of Pantone Postcards!!! Yep. I may have freaked.

So friends, if you have design/fashion/creative friends who love Pantone, here are some gifts for you:

1. I love the Pantone mugs, and someday when I win the lottery I'm buying every dang one. $15, and  a perfectly colorful way to start the morning.

2. The famed Pantone iPhone case ($35) I spoke of. Emily: if you're reading this, just send your loved ones to this post to get you all things Pantone. 

3. These Pantone ornaments are kind of my dream. You can buy them individually for $15 or as a whole set for a discounted price. If anyone has one of these pretty things on their tree, share a picture of it! 

4. Um. Pantone Socks ($14). Need I say more?

5. I feel like these Pantone notecards ($15) are almost too pretty to write on and give out...

6. If you aren't sick of Pantone by now, check out this sweet laptop case ($31)!

Have anyone on your list that is as Pantone obsessed as I am?
...and anyone else amazed those ornaments are only $15?!?

xo, lp


  1. As the sister of an artist, i find the pantone trend to be quite humorous! We both love all the artsy quirks that are becoming more and more popular!

  2. Those Christmas tree bulbs are too cute! They'd be perfect on my colorful tree.

    The Glossy Life

  3. This is so cute! Glad to find another Hanukkah celebrator too :)


  4. I love the ornaments, phone case, and mug! I really want that middle, blue ornament. The color is calling my name!

  5. I love all of this stuff!! I work in printing, so Pantone is used quite frequently in my vocabulary too! And I second the notion about getting Pantone cases for android!!

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