Monday, December 17, 2012


Wisconsin doesn't feel like making up it's mind lately. On day it looked like this outside....

....and a few days later it was rainy and 45. Anyone out there having a true cold winter yet? 
Luckily it is chilly enough to wear cozy wool coats (in bright bright colors, of course):
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 One highlight of the weekend was watching the Packers beat the Bears. Sorry Illinois friends- it just wasn't meant to be. Since I was feeling oh so classy, I decided to make a jello shot Christmas tree. Begin your judging......NOW:

If you're still looking for ideas for giftwrapping, make sure to checkout this post on fun ways to wrap with kraft paper!

Tomorrow I'll be sharing a round up of some of my favorite treats to make for the office, so if you're looking for something sweet to bring into work be sure to check back in!

How was your weekend, friends?
Any jello shot trees or other classy alcoholic/food dishes involved in it?

xo, lp


  1. A jello shot tree is so perfect. Love it!

    The Glossy Life

  2. Love the Jello Shot tree! Amazing!

  3. Stopping by from Weekend Update...Love the jello tree!! And I so wish it would snow here in Nashville but it definitely hasn't been cold enough yet. Love your red coat too!

  4. We've been having the same weather here in NYC... no snow sticking, cold and LOTS of rain :/

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