Friday, December 21, 2012


Please excuse my absence yesterday...
In case you were not around a tv/computer/newspaper in the last few days, the Midwest got a thorough spanking by a winter storm yesterday. At our apartment we got wellll over a foot of snow. 

This picture is from early in the day, only around 8-10 inches:
Necessary peppermint cocoa:
 All the pine  trees were completely collapsed- heavy heavy snow!! (ps- like Michael's pants tucked in his boots?)
 As if the ridiculous amount of snow wasn't enough, winds were 30-40 miles per hour:

Anyone else in the Midwest get to enjoy this storm?

Safe travels everyone!
Be sure to give your families extra hugs this weekend!

xo, lp


  1. SERIOUSLY! Hope yall are being careful!! Stay warm!

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  2. Luckily we avoided this storm in Minnesota, but I feel for you! Ugh!

  3. They warned us all over Chicago for this storm but it didn't make it!! I'm a little tiny bit jealous-- no matter how old you are it's always fun to play in the snow! (Until you have to drive in it) Stay warm and travel safe!!

  4. i'm glad i survived my first snow storm, though the candlelit evening lost its charm after a few hours when we needed to do laundry for our impending trip! :)

  5. That peppermint mocha looks like perfection!! Yum!

    Thankfully we just got a little dusting here overnight. I love a white Christmas but I sure hate traveling in it! Hang in there!

    xx, Jordan

  6. I lved seeing these pics on Instagram!! and that coffee mug is too cute!!

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