Friday, November 8, 2013

Friday's Fancies #72: Sweater Weather!

Alright. This is it. I might as well give up after this, because this is officially the best fall outfit ever. 
If someone feels like buying me this and allowing me to wear it daily, I'd do it. That sweater! That scarf! YES!

I know you're all itching to know where it's all from, right?

1. THAT SWEATER! I want to cozy up in this thing and never leave it's warm embrace. Yes, that just got weird. But seriously. Well done, TopShop.

2. THAT SCARF! I can't decide what's more perfect here, the fact that it's the quintessential fall/holiday plaid, or the fact that it's $19! Yep. Plus it's from Nordstrom's so free shipping err'day. \

3. THOSE BRACELETS! Gorjana, all the way. Studded or Chains- both from ASOS.

4. THOSE FLATS! Gap, per usual. I have these in pink and they are so dang comfy.

5. THOSE PANTS! Current/Elliot - love the wash, love the roll.  

6. THAT BAG! I've been lusting after this tote from Madewell for ages. Le Sigh. 

7. THOSE MITTENS! Is it acceptable to wear mittens inside? If so I'd wear these on the reg. From Gap!

What's your perfect fall outfit entail?
If it doesn't include that scarf, it should now!

xo, lp


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