Thursday, November 14, 2013

DIY HOLIDAY: Chalkboard Wine Glasses

This holiday season (yes, I can say that, since Hanukkah is 3 weeks away) is upon us, and this year on the blog I'll be giving some ideas for DIY gifts to give!

The first gift idea is an easy one- Chalkboard Wine Glasses:

Now, truth be told I actually made these a while ago as a housewarming gift for our friends, but they would serve equally well for a holiday gift! They're not only affordable, but they're also a useful gift to give!

What you'll need to make it happen:
- 4 wine glasses (you can get them at a dollar store or Target!)
- Chalkboard Spray Paint 
- Painter's Tape

How to Make it Happen:

Step 1: Make sure your glass bases are fully clean. Any dirt or dust will show up as nasty bumps on your glasses!
Step 2: Tape the entire stem of the glasses, starting about half an inch up from the bottom. 
Step 3: Spray from about 8 inches away the base of your glasses, careful not to get any on the rest of the glass.
Step 4: WAIT FOR IT TO DRY. Don't skip this step!
Step 5: Spray with a second coat, and let dry again.
Step 6: Remove the tape and allow to fully dry overnight
Step 6: Wrap up with a bottle of wine & some chalk, and you've got a great DIY gift!

They're a fun, practical gift to give- that your friends/family can use again and again! 

Have any great DIY gift ideas?
Make sure to share in the comments, I'm always looking for a new project to try!

xo, lp


  1. So easy and versatile! I'm scratching my head and wondering why I haven't thought of this before. Brilliant!!! Then again, I'm a sucker for all DIYs that require chalkboard paint of any kind. Love it!!!

  2. These are a great idea–what a fun way to complete holiday place settings! As far as I'm concerned, slapping chalkboard paint on anything makes it better.

  3. This is such a fun little DIY project! And a great gift, as well!

  4. What a great idea!! and so simple! Perfect just in time for holiday parties :))

    xx em

  5. A DIY or Personalized wine glasses are one of the best gift ideas and giveaways that you can give in wedding. And this time, you can now do several things with clear wine glass you can start designing them using a colored chalk, glitters and etc. to make more gorgeous and meaningful.

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