Monday, November 25, 2013


Hello lovelies! 

Happy Monday! This past week was a lovely one- here's what's been going on lately:

1. I finally found someone who loves Snail Mail as much as I do! I recently started up a good old fashioned pen-pal-ship with the lovely lady behind One Fine A, and getting a lovely card in the mail just makes my day! If you're looking to get some snail mail, today is the last day to sign up for her mail exchange! 

2. I've been sharing a lot of #ootd shots lately, and as you can tell I've been trying to get good use out of my favorite Old Navy Flats before the snow fully flies (well, okay, it already has snowed, but it keeps melting). Yes, I have them in 3 colors, and might just buy them in more in the future. Hide your judgement, please.

3. This weekend we celebrated the birthday of one of my favorite friends- complete with dinner, drinks, and an impromptu drunken adventure to a bowling alley. Yup, we live dangerously! Happy 28th, Dani!!
 4. What's a party without a specialty cocktail? For Dani's party I made a kiwi-berry sangria and it was sooo good. Too good. I'll be sure to share the recipe soon!

Now it's your turn- tell me something good!
Celebrate a birthday recently? Dress in seasonally inappropriate footwear just to be stubbon?
Do share!

xo, lp

let's be instagram friends, shall we? find me here: @lpodlich


  1. That sign is the BEST! How cute!

  2. I love the idea of a pen pal! How fantastic. I love all of your colorful pictures...and of course, cute shoes.

  3. Your outfits with the flats are too cute! Its nice to mix it up while its not freezing all the time.

  4. Your outfits are so cute! And the cocktail on the last photo looks just great! :)))


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    I love all of your colorful pictures...and of course, cute shoes.


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