Monday, November 18, 2013


Happy Monday lovely friends!

As I'm writing this it is pouring outside, and the Packers are losing the Sunday night game. The only current upside is the ice cold PBR next to me. 

Here's what's up lately: 

1. I don't know about you- but I'm in full fall mode over here. Huge scarves & burgundy sweaters. Oh, and my favorite Lead the Way  Marvelous Moxie lipstick from BareMinerals. Perfection.

2. I've mentioned before that I'll wear flats until the snow flies. Well, last week I wore flats and the snow flew. So depressing. Luckily it has all melted, but it was a reality check that winter is on the way.

3. My lovely friend Dani came into town this weekend from Minnesota. I love showing people around Madison (even in the rain) - and having her here was better than I could have hoped!

4. I got my holiday crafting on this weekend, making some washi tape holiday cards. I recently added to my washi tape collection by heading to Costco and getting the most amazing deal-- 20 rolls of tape PLUS a holder- all for $20. That means about a buck a roll. Insane.

5. Last week's Dotty Optimism was one I thought was lovely enough to bring up again today. Start the week with this mindset, it'll make it easier! 

6. Tomorrow's recipe is one you won't want to miss. Promise. 
Tell me something good about the weekend!
Anyone else started the holiday card making process? 


*PSSSST: Let's be Instagram friends! Find me here: @lpodlich


  1. That lipstick shade looks amazing on you! Love the Bare Minerals Moxie line:) Happy Happy Monday!!!

  2. I absolutely need that washi tape–I've been looking for a bunch of cheap ones for a fun project!

  3. Love your scarf and those flats! I wear "non-winter" shoes for as long as possible too ;)
    That upcoming recipe looks delish! Always love anything related to popcorn - excited to see what it is!

    xx em

  4. I need to get to Costco and make some cards! What a great idea.

  5. I definitely went to Costco and bought the washi tape- good find! :)

  6. these pics are so good...loved that Suede Shoes..your outfit also looks great!!

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    I love showing people around Madison (even in the rain) - and having her here was better than I could have hoped...


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