Monday, January 27, 2014


Happy FRIGID Monday, everyone!
Just like Wisconsin to change 60+ degrees in temperature in 24 hours. Yesterday we got 6 inches of snow and it was 25 the windchill is going to get down to -40 or so. COOL GUYS THANKS.

Anyway, here's what's awesome lately:

1. National Peanut Butter Day! Once again, it was a magical day at work- 13+ kinds of PB to try plus a ton of snacks either made with or paired well with PB. If you don't celebrate it already, start planning for Jan 24th now!
2. Why YES I have already started to decorate for V-day. And this image of some sweet heart ornaments I have is the background of my phone...I'm pretty jazzed. (right click to save & upload as your background image too!)
3. Loving these postcards I bought from The Stationary Boutique! Snail Mail might be coming your way soon, friends!
4. Saturday we had some favorite friends over for a Baked Potato Bar & Beer Tasting night. (Yes, took a page outta Emily's playbook). I don't know why we'd never thought about doing that before...but it's definitely going to be happening again. So. Good.
 5. From Saturday-Sunday we got a hefty amount of snow, which meant naturally M and I went out for a nice long walk...that included snow angels. Yup- we for sure turn 26 in a couple weeks. Oops. #youngatheart

 6. I AM SO EXCITED FOR THURSDAY. You should be too. Why? Because I am giving...well, no, The First Snow is giving away one of her GORGEOUS prints. Eep! I know you've all heard me rave about her shop before- I have one of her amazing Lumineers prints hanging in our bedroom...Okay. Whew. I'll wait until Thursday to go on and on. Just...make sure you come back to enter!

So that's what's fantastic on my radar...

What's great in your week, friends?
Scale of 1-100, how much do you want to win that print?

xo, lp

*we're not instie friends yet? sad day. find me here: @lpodlich


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