Monday, January 13, 2014

pulling over in -35 below weather.

Last week was weird. It was a total whirlwind at work, and the weather got weirder as the days went on.
Monday was -45 below windchill...Friday was freezing rain...Sunday was 40 degrees.
Oh Midwest, I love you. You just keep me guessing.

I took this picture Tuesday, and it was so cold out I probably shouldn't have stopped my car this long on the exit ramp on the highway- but the sunset was too gorgeous to not get an image of. With the amount of overcast days we have in winter, a clear sky like this is a total gift! Enjoy the little things, right?

Speaking of enjoying the little things (in this case literally) - how cute is this sticker? I mean, come on. Genius branding there, Cuties. Instagram worthy.
 The 10 year old in me came out when I saw this make your own bracelet kit. It's like...updated friendship bracelets that are acceptable for 25 year old to wear. Excellent.
For those of you who've been dragging your feet, you still have until the 15th to use code BBB20 to get 20% off everything at The Stationary Boutique! Go get it, girl. 
If you were hoping for a healthy recipe post this week, you gonna be soooo disappointed. It's a CrockPot recipe that will make you super popular in your friend group- promise. 

What's something little you enjoyed last week?
Share something good with me, friends!

xo, lp

*if we aren't already, let's be friends here.


  1. Is that spinach and artichoke dip I see? My favorite!

  2. That little cuties sticker is adorable! And I'm loving that stationary. I hope you have a great week. Found you through the link up :)

  3. Wow that's a beautiful sky! Loving the stationary and the sticker is so cute! Found you through the link up also :)


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