Thursday, May 8, 2014


 First, this post is NOT sponsored. So just don't get any ideas, mmmmkay?

Second, If you already have a Fujifilm Instax, allow me to give you a high five, and dismiss you from this post, since you already get what it's all about.

Let's begin:

Raise your hand if you grew up with a Polaroid.
I did, and since you all already know how I feel about printed pictures vs digital, I'm sure you can imagine how much I loved that thing.
Polaroids disappeared and now we have point & shoots, which are great and all...but they allow you to never be satisfied with a picture...and take another and another and another.
The great thing about Polaroids was you got the instant satisfaction of having your printed right away...but you still have the mystery of not knowing what it's going to look like! 

That's why I freaking love my Instax camera. 
Michael's sister gave it to me for Christmas and it is by far one of my most beloved & used gifts (thanks Kelly!).
Instax cameras aren't cheap. They aren't $20 bucks or anything, but they are worth their weight in gold...which I mean... gold is worth a lot so.....there's that.

The pictures show up with a vintage-y glow, and I've get to take one that didn't surprise me when it turned out. I'm kind of addicted.
Love the white one I have...but they have 'em in pink and yellow and blue and black
I have these hung up around our apartment and I love the memories that are attached to them!

Have I convinced you yet?

So no waiting
Go treat yo'self, order an Instax and some film & show me the fabulous pictures you take!

xo, lp

(ps. i'm a nerd and label when & where i took them. yup)

sometimes I can't contain myself and share them on instagram. pictures of pictures. #creative!
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