Monday, May 19, 2014


Oh this weekend was too lovely.

Michael and I decided that this weekend was as good as any for the first camping trip of the season- and boy, did it turn out to be perfect. Like any true camping trip- it had it's fair share of surprises- like scaring some mice out of the outhouses during a late night bathroom stop- or a random rain shower during a walk when had said 0% chance all nice long....but that's what makes for good stories, right?

We drove to Governor Dodge State Park in Dodgeville, WI, and after setting up camp we took a beautiful hike. My favorite part? This lovely waterfall off one of the main trails:

Since it's early in the season, the park wasn't packed at all, and other than some crappy dog owners & their barking dogs, it was pretty quiet. We snuck away to one of the lakes at the park to get some time to relax on the docks- and watched a seriously perfect sunset:

Because one state park wasn't enough for us, we ran over to Blue Mounds to get a quick look at how Spring was fairing in Wisconsin. We took the shot we take every time we visit the park- M looking over the land from one of the watch towers- sure was a lot sunnier than the last few times!:

 Alright, enough Wisconsin camping talk.
Let's talk about tomorrow's recipe....rather than giving you the "after" pictures, see if you can guess what I'll be sharing tomorrow based on the ingredients! I mean, it has strawberries and butter know it can't be bad, right?

That's all for now, friends. Oh, except for if anyone wants to buy me a black or mint 'L' one of these, that'd be great. THANKS.

Anyone else enjoy the great spring weather this weekend?
Let me know what I missed while I was on my camping hiatus!

xo, lp

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