Monday, May 12, 2014


Happy Monday, you lovely people!

First things first- if you didn't see it on Instagram last week- just a friendly reminder in case you haven't told yourself this lately:
 Now that we all know you look good, let's talk about what's been good around here lately:

The other weekend I was back at a favorite antique store in MN and found some fabulous old juice glasses...and naturally put flowers in them because flowers > juice.
 In a continuation of the "everything in rainbow order" fad, I organized my small bowls from Anthropologie. (you can find them here)

My parents were in town this weekend, which was SUCH a treat, I've never had my mom in Madison for Mother's Day before! We got plenty of together time at the Farmer's Market, dinner at Papavero, walks around the Capitol, and even some garage sale-ing. Thanks for the perfect weather this weekend, Wisconsin!
Oh....and this is Michael with my mom&dad. I asked them to pose nicely for a picture and they turned around. RUDE.

Tomorrow's recipe involved edamame, so you know it's going to be good:

I'll keep it short and sweet this week-

How was your weekend, friends?
Anyone do any fun surprises for their moms, or have any surprises from their children?

xo, lp

for more compulsive rainbow ordering, find me on instagram here:


  1. Cool post with great pictures! Looks like you had a really great weekend! We cooked for my mom and spent the weekend making memories! It was a lot of fun! I found you on Join the Gossip Linkup! :)

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