Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Pin Jang.

   *Warning: This post is unnecessarily dramatic and contains fruit bowls.*

      You remember that whole Missoni craze that happened a few months ago at Target? Everyone went bonkers trying to grab the last chevron headband like it was the last drop of water on earth. I was one of the people who didn't get what the big dang deal was- and sat back while the women of the world swarmed the floors of Target. 
     I just didn't get why one product could be great enough to make or break the feng shui of your living/dining/bedroom. Well, karma has come back to haunt me in the form of Pin Jang. Target has a new  line of kitchenware- from Pin Jang in Taiwan. To be honest I have no idea whether Pin Jang is the name of the person or the company- but frankly I don't care. I love it all, and I want it all. Yup, I've be come a crazy Missoni-like obsessed person. The line includes canisters, fruit bowls, bread boxes & bowls in white, black, red and turquoise.

A few Pin Jang items
     The first time I saw the collection Michael and I were out shopping with some gift cards we had received from his family for Christmas. I literally ran (galloped?) over to the shelf and whipped out my phone to take a picture to send to Michael's sister, knowing she'd love it all too. 
   SIDENOTE: Do y'all know the look you get when you are excitedly taking pictures of canisters and fruit bowls? It's the: "grab your children and walk away quickly because that lady is off her rocker" look. Yup. I'm completely fine with it. 

     Where were we?

           Oh, right, taking pictures.

       So I snapped the picture and sent it to her- getting the excited response I had hoped for a few minutes later. I hemmed and hawed about whether to get them- Michael even told me that canisters had been on my (superlame) Christmas list, and I should get them. I decided they weren't a necessity and walked out the store without the bowl and 3 different sized white canisters I'd been eyeing.

     Of course, in true Laura fashion I changed my mind and went back to Target a few days later to purchase them- only to find the smallest size canister in the set was sold out. Damn. I went online to find it: sold out. Double Damn. We stopped at another Target later in the week to get them: sold out. #$%!@. Sigh. I guess this means I actually need to listen to the boy when he tells me to buy things. I hung my head and decided that I at least couldn't leave the store without the hexagonal metal fruit bowl.  Here she is:

Lovely, no?

So what do you think? Am I officially crazy for being sad about missing out on a $10 canister? Mom, I know you're saying "yes" right now...

If you find the small white canister in your area, send it on over to VA, we're all out here.


  1. Thanks a lot! Brooks and I just signed a lease on a new place and thanks to you I went to Target's website to check this stuff out. I am now filled with need for the turquoise set and I know Brooks won't let me buy them. Damn. It's a sin to covert another woman's canister set, but here I am.

    1. Ann, you have to get them! Love the turquoise ones so much!

  2. It's taken me years to learn to listen to that little voice when it screams in my ears! I can remember occasions where I, too, overlooked that voice and still regret it! Those are so cute...

  3. Laura: I will run out to our Target right after work and check to see if we have any left-I think that would make a perfect start to a birthday package for someone special!!!


    1. You are too great! I would imagine those canisters would be pretty great for whoever that someone special is.. ;)

  4. Um... No you are not crazy! and I want that fruit basket! I have tried to stay out of Target and off the site but I might have to sneak this in my cart! {hugs}

    1. Go get it!! They have it in a few other colors too!

  5. This is my first post on Beauty and the Beard and I couldn't be more excited!! With this post, I offer some tips of advise:
    1. If you ever need my (cough, Neil's) Target discount, let me know. I'll hand it over! But don't tell him that...
    2. Neil has access to the "inside" of Target. AKA: If you ever want to know if something is in stock or going to go on sale anytime soon, just let me know. I'll hook you up with this top-secret info!
    3. I guess this basically means you should be friends with Neil instead of me...(Sad face). :'-( At least I tried to make it work!


    1. Oh man, I guess I should be friends with Neil for all his Target hookups! Don't worry, I'll still keep your darling self around too I suppose...

  6. I was just in Target last night and may have similarly pointed/galloped towards the bread boxes...I think bread boxes are pretty useless but they are so cuuuuuuuute.


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