Thursday, January 19, 2012

4 seasons mugs

Mug Madness, take 2:

I saw these 4 seasons mugs on Pinterest a while back and completely loved them. I guess I'm on a mug making kick after the MPLS city skyline mugs from a while back. I checked out the Etsy shop they came from, planning on purchasing them if they were the right price. I mean, support small or local businesses and artists, right?

My jaw dropped when I saw the $144 price tag. PLUS a $12 shipping charge. Yeah, I like them- but there was no way that I was going to shell out over $150 dollars for mugs. I knew I could DIY a version for a tiny tiny fraction of the price,and that's just what I did!

     I made a stop over to the trusty Dollar Tree and grabbed 4 mugs (for a dollar each, duh).

I already had my Porcelaine marker from my last mug-making project, so the cost was zero for that!

          I started out by drawing the same stick tree on all four mugs, and went to decorating season by season from there on out. Since fall is my favorite season- I started there. A few falling leaves and some straggler birds flying South for the winter later, I was done. Boom.
            Winter took about 30 seconds- just some dots of falling snow and a slim crescent moon.
          Spring turned out a little crowded with the budding leaves, bird in the nest, and passing clouds:
Summer finished strong with a tree full of leaves, a bright sun, and a flower hiding in the grass:
  Here they are all together!

As finessed as the Etsy collection? No.
$152 dollars cheaper than the Etsy collection? Yes.

Which season mug is your favorite?


  1. I can't choose a favorite-I love them all! I want some.

  2. These are really great and would make an excellent housewarming gift.... Just sayin'.

    1. Oh I think I could make something work... :)

  3. Those fantastic! And gorgeous! And fun! I LOVE them and guess what? I HAVE PORCELAIN MARKERS COMING IN THE MAIL RIGHT NOW! I just saw the idea on pinterest but have been wondering what to make with them. I'm gonna pee my pants, I'm so excited to see yours. That really gets my brain whirling with ideas. I LOVE the seasons idea. And, yes, the Etsy ones are adorable and very chic, but I really love the feel of yours.

    I found you through A Little Tipsy's DIY Under $5 where you are featured today.

    I'm off to rummage around the rest of your blog. Have a great weekend!

    1. Haha your comment made me laugh out loud Janice!!! So glad you liked the idea- hope you make some great ones! Thanks for the compliments- you are so sweet! Oh, and I LOVED the fabric wall appliques you made- so creative! I'll make sure I stop by Whimsy-ma-blog tonight!!!


  4. SO fun! Came over from Carly's, love your blog!

  5. I know this is about three years after the fact, but I fell in love with your mugs, so made a set myself. Pretty much copied yours (hope you don't mind), but I'm so excited to give them to my daughter for her birthday. She happens to love trees! Thank you so much for the inspiration.

    1. Deb that is so wonderful to hear, I hope your daughter loves them!

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. She loved them, Laura! I had to mail them from So. Cal to Michigan where she's getting her PhD at UofM. Would you mind if I posted the photo I took of them on my blog? I would be happy to credit you as the designer, and to put a link to your blog (which is awesome!). Thanks again!

    4. I wouldn't mind at all- that would be fabulous and I'd love to see them!! Let me know when they're posted, I can't wait to see how they turned out :)

    5. Just posted them on my blog, Laura. Thank you so much again! My blog is:
      Have a great day!


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