Saturday, January 14, 2012

1 month away!

As a kid, Valentine's day was pretty much my favorite holiday.

      No, not because of flowers or gifts or mushy love letters...although I  do fully appreciate those now.
Instead, it was because we always got to decorate Valentine's Day "mailboxes" and everyone would exchange candy and cute valentines. I'm guessing everyone liked that part of being a kid- I mean, who doesn't like free candy!? Well, the time came where exchanging cards and candy stopped (heartbreaking), and I had to find a new holiday to love...not only because the candy river stopped flowing, but also because it suddenly became uncool to like V-day. If you liked Valentine's Day you were just a lame girl looking for attention on a made up, Hallmark holiday.
Fair? Maybe.
Total bummer? Yes.

    Now that I'm not a 13 year old caring what other people think, I am back to letting my Valentine's Day loving freak flag fly.
I love the hearts.
 I love the red.
I love the flowers.
I love the candy hearts.
I love the cheesy greeting cards.
I love wearing socks with hearts and XOXO on them.

   There. I said it. I even over-shared and admitted to wearing themed socks. Now that I can officially get back to loving V-Day, I'm already deciding what kinds of great crafts I can make for the apartment and what sweet treats I can send off to friends. Naturally I've been searching for great ideas, and here are a few inspirations:

Expect to see some Valentine's inspired DIY crafts, decorations, and recipes coming up in the next month folks, including a few guest posts from my favorite bloggers! 

Are you as excited for Valentine's Day as I am? 


  1. I love those little banners. Would love to make one!

  2. I love these! The hearts in the window are definitely my favorite. I think I'll be adding them to my bedroom windows.
    I love that you wear themed socks for Valentine's day! So fun.


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