Monday, January 9, 2012

Potato Polka Dot Prints

   I've been terrible about remembering to post all the PIN-A-WEEKs I've been doing, so here's one! PLUS it's Make It Monday over at Brassy Apple!

Have you all heard of No? Well make sure you make a stop over there today. There are so many decor blogs out there, but Jordan at Oh Happy Day! is truly creative and inspiring. I saw these sweet prints on Pinterest and had to make my own version:

     So adorable, right? You can see how she did them here. I decided our upstairs bathroom could use some fun polka dots, so I grabbed a $2 canvas from Michael's Crafts, an assortment of acrylic paint, and two small red potatoes. 
P.S. I kid you not, Michael was actually bummed when he came downstairs and saw me making this project. "You used my potatoes for CRAFTS?" Can you feel the disgust in that folks? Oh, and not because he thought it was gross to use food for art, just that he wanted to eat them and now couldn't since they'd be covered in paint. The boy likes to eat, what can I say?
 I cut the 2 potatoes in half, so there would be 4 potato stamps for different colors:
The easiest way I found to cut out the little circle is to use a pairing knife and cut a larger circle than you think you'll need. Cut small sections out around the circle so it'll be easier to remove the extra potato without slicing your finger open:

Once you have your large circle cut away, start trimming away a more perfect, smaller circle until you're left with this;

 A few potatoes later you'll be left with 4 lovely (and cheap) stamps!
 Next sit down with your canvas and select your paint colors. Since our upstairs bathroom has a white/tan/sage theme, I pulled out yellows, greens, browns, and white to make a variety of shades.
Measure out and mark where your dots will be:
 Dip your potato stamp in your first color- making sure not to have so much that it'll splatter out all over the canvas. (I may or may not have done that on my first try...)

 Start randomly stamping away, making sure to have both light and dark shades of each color!

 After a lot of mixing and stamping you'll be left with this:
 .....and this:

 Hang it up and enjoy- ours is hung in our (very yellowy-lit) bathroom!

Think you have some room for polka dot potato art in your house?


  1. I am going to try and comment again and see if it works this time. Very cute prints and what an easy idea for the bathroom walls. Laughing about the comment from Michael-that's my boy-never could fill him up!! Be watching for that package-should arrive today or tomorrow.

  2. I just created a smaller version of that (sans potatoes) and I love it! Yours looks great. Love the colors!

  3. I love this idea. We are going to be moving in March and I think will be perfect in one of our bathrooms.

  4. Gosh, that is so cute! I have polka dot vases on my dining room wall, and this would be a fun and whimsical addition! love it!

  5. Laura,
    Love the potato print! It turned out really well! I think it would look awesome with a companion piece in a similar color scheme.

  6. Thanks for the compliments everyone! And Rebecca- I'm definitely thinking of making another one!

  7. Wow, that was amazing. Cant believe it all came from potatoes. Really ingenious.

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