Wednesday, January 18, 2012

DIY Checkered Phone Case

    Remember when I was complaining about my old Toddler Phone? Yes, one of my resolutions was to complain less- but this was before I officially made resolutions- so it's okay, right? Well after seeing how tacky and expensive most were online I decided to make my own cool designs. I made 2 different ones, and will be posting about the next one very soon! For this particular one I simple ordered a clear case online and used some paper chips my sister Louisa sent me as a holiday present. I went for the square look after being inspired by this iPhone case at Urban Outfitters:

First I cut up a ton of colors into a million little squares:
I played around with a few fun color combinations and patterns before settling on a color combo favorite: grey and yellow.
 I cut up white, grey, and 2 shades of yellow into a bunch of squares so once I got on a role making the pattern I wouldn't have to stop and cut out more:
 I laid pieces of  Scotch tape overlapping each other to stick the squares to...
 ....and started laying out a checkered pattern:
 Once I had a large enough rectangle I simple traced and cut out the places that'd be for the camera and speaker:

A quick insert to the clear case and magic!:

A few of the squares aren't perfect since I didn't measure them out exactly- but overall once I filled in a few blank spaces I was left with a fun, changeable case!

I didn't glue the paper in at all because knowing me, I'll get tired of it and want a new pattern or color scheme and will want to switch it up. Besides- rather than paying for one pattern online- all I had to pay for was one clear case and I can have endless opportunities.

Any patterns you recommend me trying?

Psst - Check back on the Monday the 23rd for the reveal of the second case! 


  1. This is the cutest thing! Love the colors you picked out, too. Great job!

    1. Thanks so much Dusty! And thanks for stopping by the blog!

  2. Replies
    1. you know it! no better way to unwind from working retail than mindlessly cutting out squares!

  3. Having a photo for each step is a lot of extra work, but soooo helpful, Great tutorial!


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