Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Valentine's Candles

    What do you do when you buy an obscene amount of Red Hots that you don't in fact need? I guess not a question you might encounter in everyday life, but after my Valentine's Flower Vase FAIL the other day, I had to ask it. Maybe I couldn't fill a vase with the candies, but I sure as heck could fill a candle holder with them. And you know what, I did just that. 
     I got a handful of tea lights and mini votive candles at the dollar store and tried to make as many different vessels to put them in as possible. I realize some of them may be a little tacky- but guess what folks, it's Valentine's Day- that's kinda the name of the game. You'll have to turn to Martha for more sophisticated ideas this time my dears, sorry.

Candle #1
1. Take glass vessel.
2. Dump Red Hots in said vessel.
3. Push candle in said Red Hots.

Rocket science, I know. The benefit of this is a warm cinnamon smell when the candle burns. Mmmm-mm.
 Candle #2
1. Be a klutz and break a plate while trying to load it in the dishwasher (yes, this really happened).
2. Wash said broken plate that magically didn't shatter- but rather perfectly cracked in half.
3. Set weird half plate against a wall and begin to fill with Red Hots.
4. Push candles in Red Hots.

Ooooooh one more step than Candle #1, hope you're still with me here...

 Candle #3:
1. Take votive candle and spread glue from a glue stick around the bottom 1 1/2 inch
2. Cover the bottom part with paper, leaving a little glue exposed, and sprinkle with glitter color of choice.
3. Repeat step 2.
4. Repeat step 2 again. Only this time you clearly don't need to cover the bottom. Woo hoo!

End result: Sparkly gradation. Can't go wrong there.

 Candle #4: Fail Candle

1.Stupidly decide to try and free hand a heart with your glue stick, getting a poorly shaped heart and random glitter ALL OVER your candle and fingers.
2. Throw Fail Candle away.

You know, with a stencil, this would have turned out. I was glittered out at that point and didn't try it- but if you try it, let me know how it goes!

Candles #5 and #6:

1. Take empty jars (from pesto) and sprinkle glitter in the bottom of one, and Red Hots in the bottom of the other.
2. Add tea light.

Yes, I'm almost 24 and I "made" candle crafts a 4 year old would laugh at. Back off.

Finally, group 'em all together and enjoy!

     Like I said, I'm aware these aren't high-end, fancy, labor intensive candle crafts. Is there such a thing? Maybe. Either way, other than the dollar candle box, this was all free 99.

Have any fancy, high-end candle crafts I should keep in mind for next year, if I decide to make V-Day a classy affair??

** {av} from {longdistanceloving} will be here tomorrow guest posting with the perfect v-day gift guide, make sure to stop  by tomorrow to check it out! ***


  1. Great ideas! That half plate thing is hilarious - glad you can still get some use out of it! And as for your comment: that is the cutest little tradition!! What a funny story! My boyfriend has never been one to go out of his way for flowers (he's very practical..) so we have inside jokes about flower-purchasing as well!! I think when we have a place to call our own the true traditions will start flowing..!

    1. Well I hope you guys do find some great new traditions!! And yes, the half plate thing is hilarious now..can't say the boyfriend was too thrilled at the time...haha!

  2. They are so super cute. Love the glitter!

  3. I love the ombre glitter candle! I made glitter votives and shared them on our blog once- but I really like the idea of glittering the actual candle- oh so fun!

    1. oooo i'll have to search and find your glitter votive post- i bet they're lovely!

  4. I really like the red hots idea. I will have to steal it.

  5. Laura these are really awesome!! And so easy to do, even I could probably do it! I pinned them, they're awesome!

    1. thanks so much susan!! hope you make some great v-day candles!!

  6. Haha ..loved the way you wrote this! Hey, sometimes simple is the best and I really like how your candles turned out, especially the first cinnamon heart one. And making use of that broken plate ... pure genius :)

    Loulou Downtown

    1. thanks for the compliment- glad you liked them! who knew red hots and broken plates could come in handy!?

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