Monday, August 13, 2012

Getting used to M-F

I've never had a job with a traditional work schedule. Ever. I've also never had weekends off before. Between jobs being a server/teller/bartender/sale coordinator/crisis line operator/barista/etcetcetc I worked all hours of the day and night, including weekends. Now that I only work M-F at my new job I totally get why people appreciate Saturday and Sunday so much. 

This weekend was a gem, and I got to see a ridiculous amount of old friends. Don't get me wrong, new friends are amazing- but there's something so cozy and familiar about friends you've known for years and years. 
work week wear 1:white pants, canvas green cashmere sweater // 2. red pants, slouchy black top // 3. coral crops, white poplin.
weekend life: 4: beer at the terrace // 5. classic chairs  // 6. sunset over lake mendota
My old coworker got married Sunday night and had the most perfect wedding known to man. I couldn't even take pictures because they wouldn't do it justice- but it would put everything you've ever seen on Pinterest to shame. PLUS the maid of honor DID A RAP instead of a speech. Epic. 
Location: Wisconsin farmland, on a friend's land. Rolling green for miles, gorgeous home and old old barn & buildings on site. Flowers everywhere. Lightning bugs. 
Decor: Mason jars with tealights hanging from trees. Old pieces of driftwood as candle holders. Stacked cigar boxes full of recipes for take home presents for the guests. An old typewriter for guests to type well wishes on. 
Food: They're both chefs, so every bite of everything was heavenly. Pig roast, corn, spicy bok choy, potatoes,fine cheese and wine (just to name some of it). 
This post is all over the place. Sorry people. I'm in a post-wedding-attending haze currently. It's just so refreshing a world of 52 hour marriages to see two friends who truly love and respect each other get married in such a manner that perfectly reflects their personalities. Full heart here, people. 

On a less sappy note, tomorrow I'm sharing 4 recipes in one post.
Boo-ya. Make sure to tune in. 

How was your weekend?
Yes, I  actually do want to hear! You listened to me babble, now it's your turn.

xo, lp


  1. That wedding sounds absolutely perfect...I'm thinking like straight off of Once Wed and 100 Layer fun! Congrats on your M-F job, what a great feeling! The one I just started is the same way. Before I also worked in hospitality in college and then my previous job I had to work a few Saturdays a month as well as two late nights a week so I was right there with ya! I still have to work Mondays from 11-8, but the rest of the week is normal 9-6 and no weekends so I am loving it!

  2. That wedding sounds perfect!!!! So glad you had fun. Weekends are the best but they go by too fast!


  3. Love your work outfits. It almost makes me miss having a real job...almost! And that wedding rap speech sounds pretty awesome. Care to share a YouTube clip?!

  4. I was at a wedding this weekend, too! Although everyone was new for me, my boyfriend hadn't seen some of these college friends in years...and it was great meeting them!

    Also, your OOTDs are presh!

  5. Glad you had an awesome weekend! I walked 6+ miles in brooklyn in the heat and nearly dddiieeddd!

  6. Looks like such a fun weekend! Cannot wait for the recipes. Happy Monday!


  7. There IS something unreplaceable about old friends. :)

    Glad you are enjoying your new M-F gig!

  8. Love the bright sweater and white pants from pic #1! Glad you had such a great weekend. Mine was good, but lame. Full of LSAT studying. dumb

  9. How do you always take the BEST and most PERFECT outfit pictures?! I always either look like a oompa loompa or blurry bc my hands shakes only holding my phone in one hand!

  10. The MOH did a rap?! AMAZING!

    Also, pretty sure we've had 90% of the same jobs - Barista, teller, server... Enjoy your M-F job! I can't imaging working weekends ever again. Well, that is until I graduate in May. Nursing isn't exactly a 9 to 5, M-F career!

    We need to have a Madison blogger meetup. Seriously.

  11. I worked retail for years and missed out on so much weekend fun. Last year I took the plunge to change my career so I could have a Mon-Fri job that let me have more time with family and friends... It's been amazing!

  12. oh that wedding sounds wonderful!

  13. I love the work outfits, esp. the teal bubble necklace!! I certainly appreciate working M-F too. I had the same type of jobs in college and as a grown up it is so nice to not have to work Sat and Sun.!! I did nothing this past weekend...kinda haha!!


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