Thursday, August 30, 2012


Gold rings people. That's where it's all at. Period.
This is coming from a girl with unattractive fingers. No, but really. I don't have long, elegant, dainty fingers (piano player fingers as my music teacher called them). I have short, stubby fingers. And yet, I love me some rings nowadays. So you should too (stubby fingers or not):

1. This Kate Spade Anchor Ring is just perfectly nautical, no?
2.  I NEED this Initial Signet Ring in "L". It seems like something vintage my grandmother would have had. Love.
3. I already featured these Jules Smith Edie Thin Stacking Rings , but they're perfect enough to get a second mention.
4.  I can't think of a more simple, sweet ring than this Jacquie Aiche Diamond Waif Bezel Ring.
5. I own this Whistles Spade Charm Ring and can't say enough good things about it. Just google ring size to figure out what size you need. Cheap and gorgeous!
5. This Bing Bang Eternity Skull Ring is for you slightly edgy ladies out there...enjoy!
6. Again, ladylike and lovely: Jacquie Aiche Bezel Waif Ring
7. How 'come HOH always does it right? :House of Harlow 1960 Dipped Pave Ring 
8. This Tory Burch Striped Logo Ring almost has a funky retro vibe to it, and if TB isn't usually in your budget-- this affordable ring is a great way to have Tory without a huge price tag!

Which gold ring is on you wish list? 
That Initial Signet



  1. Your jewelry is very nice and fashionable. I love piercing body jewelry and your designs are adorable.

  2. I've been on a gold kick lately, too! It all started with the vintage 14K gold ring that I received for graduation, which belonged to my great grandmother!

  3. I'm obsessed with the anchor ring!!! I need it ASAP!


  4. Why am I such a sucker for anything personalized? that signet ring really is awesome!

  5. Very pretty rings...I actually like them all and I don't like gold!! haha...I like the skull ring the best thou

  6. I'm with you, that signet ring is amazing.


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