Thursday, August 2, 2012


These bookends rock.

Especially when you consider the fact they started out looking like this: 

I found these babies at a thrift store in Richmond, and with a $2 price tag, there was no way I was leaving them behind. 
I know some people are too cool for thrift stores, but really- it's all about going into it with an open mind. I always imagine everything in there with a fresh coat of white paint, and suddenly it all seems better. The best part about thrifting items is that you can change the look of them as many times as you want and don't need to feel bad about ruining an expensive piece! (I'm looking at you, $78 Pottery Barn Bookends)

So what did I do?
Sanded 'em
Painted 'em white (acrylic paint)
Painted 'em green. (spray paint)

Rocket science here, people.
 Look what I was left with! Pretty green guys that add a nice little pop of color to the room!
 Total cost of this project: $4.50
I can get down with that.

Have you ever scored any great thrift store/garage sale finds?
If you've made them over & shared on your blog, leave the link below!

xo, lp

For those of you wondering, these are a few of my favorite books (and one of Michael's):
* East of Eden:: John  Steinbeck (Classic.)
* The Passion:: Jeanette Winterston (Not to be confused with The Passion Of the Christ. TOTALLY different.)
* Team of Rivals :: Doris Kearns Goodwin (this is one of M's. Abe Lincoln loving nerd)
* Shantaram :: Gregory David Roberts (Long, but worth it.)


  1. I'm not going to lie to you, I don't remember the last time I went thrifing, etc. It's a laziness issue, really it is. But these turned out great!

  2. These turned out wonderfully!! Nice find!

  3. LOVE these!!
    I am always thrifting, and usually find furniture to re-paint.

  4. They look great! Loving the green. I think I need to go thrift shopping!


  5. They look great!! Good job!! And I LOVED "The Passion"!! One of my undergrad Victorian Lit teacher had us read it, so awesome!!

  6. What an awesome thrift project! I bought an amazing vintage bar cart for $50 on wheels at an antique mall in Fort Worth & I'm in LOOOVE. I want to paint it and put new wheels on it but haven't gotten around to that part yet! :)

  7. Can't believe I missed this! LOVE them!!!

  8. We did a DIY apron made from jeans from our thrift store. Here's the link! We are a thrift store so we obviously love thrifting. We see amazing stuff come through our doors! :)

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