Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Here's the deal:
I know tortoise shell isn't a new thing. People have been loving it for a while, I know. I just figured it was time to proclaim my love for it. So far I have a tortoise shell watch and pair of sunglasses- but a few of these babies are on my short list:

1. I'm not a hoop earring wearer at all- but there is something about these Ralph Lauren ones that are insanely funky. Sock bun, hoops, white tee and dark jeans, anyone?
2. I love my tortoise watch (no longer available online), and as much as I wanted a Michael Kors one, it wasn't quite in my budget. This Style & Co one is under $30! 
3. I've shown these TopShop tortoise rainboots before, but they are way too awesome not to share again! I think I'd be a little less cranky on a rainy day if these were on my feet.
4. I haven't worn headbands in ages, but this J.Crew one may take a necessary trip down memory lane. Man, my 12 year old self would think I was fashionable...
5. Since I couldn't get my MK fix in come watch purchasing time, this MK tortoise bangle is a way to make it happen. 
6. Do I need to justify these sunglasses to you? No? I didn't think so. If Jackie O was into tortoise majorly, these would be for her. ASOS has them retailing at $20
Which tortoise item would you take home with you?
Team big sunglasses, all the way!



  1. Those boots! Now that's a new way to rock the tortoise trend :)

  2. sunglasses would be my choice!

  3. The boots!!! I need those in my closet like yesterday.

  4. I have a tortoise watch and I love it! I got it on for 1/2 price, and wear it everyday! Now I may have to get a pair of those tortoise boots!

  5. My tortoise love is nortorious and i think those boots would take it to a whole new level....

  6. I've always crushed on tortoise. Love those hoop earrings and the pretty bracelet :)

  7. I want someone to try a sockbun on my hair because it never works out for me. All I have now are cut up socks.

  8. Oh my that bangle... I love it!


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