Friday, September 20, 2013

Friday's Fancies #69: Fall Must-haves!

GAHHHHHHH Fall is HERE! Picture me doing flips around the house and running around unearthing all of my favorite sweaters. Because that's what I'm doing. Because Fall.Is.Here. 

Here are my top 8 fall must-haves:
1. Waxed Cotton Parka: More than just your average military jacket, this parka is something special for sure. The price tag is steep, so if y'all wanna chip in to help me get it, that'd be great.
2.  Herringbone Loafers: As far as I'm concerned, these are THE shoes of fall. Anything herringbone is good in my book, and these are complete perfection.
3. Basic Infinity Scarf: Nothing is better than a basic scarf that's easy to throw on with any and every outfit, right? This one is soft, silky, and sweetly priced!
4. BareMinerals Eye Shadow Palette:  I'm not usually much of a eyeshadow girl, but I think this fall I'm going to give it a go with these gorgeous dark & dusty shades of shadow from BareMinerals.
5. Brown Leather Bag: I've said it before and I'll say it again - this bag is the bees knees. Cognac. Tassel. Love.
6. Camo Sweater: I have been fighting the camo trend for the last year but dangit if it isn't growing on me! 
7. Leopard Pointy Flats: Leopard just won't die, and I'm totally okay with that. Pointy flats are my favorite because they help my short lil legs seem a little longer, so these are awesome.
8. Crystal Necklace: Target did a pretty solid job copying the classic J.Crew Venus Flytrap necklace. I already have the J.Crew one but I got the Target one too to layer 'em up!

What's on your Fall must-have list?
Tell me those herringbone loafers aren't perfection!

xo, lp


  1. I absolutely love the bag on your list. It is the perfect color and I love the tassel! I'm also thinking I need to head to Gap to check out those flats - adorable!

  2. great list! LOVE LOVE that brown bag and loafers. xo jillian

  3. I love that jacket and those shoes! They would look so great together too.

    Friday's Fancies

  4. I am actually currently wearing that eye shadow palette you feature today! How crazy! It's one of my favorites and you definitely have to try it out. Love everything that you have on this list. It makes me wish was fall right this instant!

  5. I love that jacket! It's perfect! And I have the same flats on my wishlist too! Great minds!

  6. Number 7 and 8 need to be in my closet like NOW! xo

  7. Loving those loafers!! And yay for breaking down and starting to like camo. HAHA!

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings


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