Friday, November 22, 2013

Friday's Fancies #74: Black Friday Fashion

Well, I won't be Black Friday shopping this year, because:
1. I'll be at work.
2. Crowds of middle-aged women fighting for KitchenAid mixers terrify me.

If I waaaaaas, this is what I'd be wearing to get my game face on:

Obviously a black theme is in order, including black skinnies, black ankle boots, and a black polka dot scarf.
To get in the right mindset, chug some coffee in this boss coffee mug! And to assure you can stuff as many things away as possibly, bring along a big Madewell Transport Tote!
Finally, a cozy sweater and some nice mittens will keep you warm waiting in line for that 50% off item, right?

Are you shopping on Black Friday?
If so- what are you shopping for?



  1. Thank the lord I finally have a few days off of work and school, I'll be taking everything in and sleeping. Oh dear god so much sleeping. And eating. And shopping. Oops. Maybe even a little school work. I'm loving your outfit for it though. Have a good weekend. xx

  2. I will be shopping! I'm planning on looking for work clothes for my new job and some random things for my apartment. I just need to decided if I'm going to wait for Friday morning or head out Thursday night.

  3. Cool fashion on Friday,..
    I will be shopping tomorrow

  4. Lovin' the mug find :) Visiting from Friday Fancies link up!

    xo, tasha
    twenty-something blog
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    I'm planning on looking for work clothes for my new job and some random things for my apartment.

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